Branko Lustig and VPR Studio’s are Developing a New Film Based on Inventor Nikola Tesla

Inventor Nikola Tesla


Producer Vladimir Rajcic and VPR Studios Production are in development with Oscar winning producer Branko Lustig (Schindler's List, Gladiator) in a film about inventor Nikola Tesla. Los Angeles based writer Obren Milanovic is penning the script along with Rajcic.


Producer Branko Lustig


The untitled project is centered around the events of Tesla's life that are linked to a modern day technological crisis. Acclaimed historical figures such as Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan and George Westinghouse play prominent roles in the film. Tesla, a polarizing figure in his own time is credited with inventing alternating current as well as 750 other patents. Many claim that he created the 21st century. While Tesla has been featured in many science fiction novels, comic books and movies before - such as Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, this figures to be the first major studio production to center on him.


Writers Obren Milanovic & Vladimir Rajcic


Production start dates haven't been released. Several major studios are currently in discussions with the producers. The cast is yet to be formally announced.

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