5 Best Celebrity Salons in Los Angeles - Where Do The Stars Go?

Ever wondered where the stars of Tinseltown go to get a hair cut or treated? Well, wonder no more, because here is a list of the star salons in the City of Angels, including the celebs who frequent them.

1. Benjamin with Negin Zand

Get the Megan Fox look

This is a top destination for many of the city’s biggest celebs, including Megan Fox. It used to be known as Salon Benjamin, but now that Negin Zand—a renowned colorist—is onboard, it has changed its name. And because of that addition, this is now one of the best places to get your hair dyed and to try out a new style.

2. Mare

The La La Land star clearly has style

This is apparently where La La Land star Emma Stone goes. There are three top stylists-to-the-stars here, offering a range of treatments in West Hollywood.

You can find an array of top quality products, from natural treatments such as those provide by Etae, to the latest style products provided by the biggest names in beauty.

3. Cie Sparks

Fans of Lena Dunham will want to book in here, as there is a good chance of bumping into the comedian, as well as Kate Beckinsale, who is also said to frequent this salon. It is run by Michael Sparks and Heather Cie, both of which are on hand to provide quality treatments near Pacific Coast Highway.

4. Andy Lecompte Salon

You can't get more of a style icon

One of the most famous salons in the city, this one has treated a host of big names, including Madonna. They don’t come much bigger than that. 

Located near Melrose Avenue, Andy Lecompte is the owner, but he also has an acclaimed and hugely talented team working under him.

5. Nine Zero One

She has changed a lot over the years, but remains iconic

Said to be the best place to go if you have blonde hair or you want to have blonde hair, this top salon uses the best L’Oreal products and has a team of professionals who have helped everyone from Miley Cyrus to Emma Roberts. It is a who’s who of quality clientele and top stylists, just what you want to see in a celebrity salon.


There are dozens of top salons in the city

Of course, you could just do it yourself, and when you see the prices of some of these salons, you ought want to do just that. Celebs know style and quality, but they also have the money to pay for it and you’ll need a sizable bank balance to make regular trips to these beauty salons.

I recently spoke with Hair Straightener Studio, a leading review site for hair products. They told me that while more and more women are getting their hair cut and straightened at home, either by themselves or by a friend, that trend doesn’t seem to be changing in LA. “There is a certain glamor to getting your hair done by a professional who caters to the stars,” they said. “But just remember that the very best irons, brushes and scissors will last for a lifetime and will cost you the same as a single appointment to one of these salons.”

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