#1 Unsigned Album by Tom Bertram - The Next Harry Styles or Justin Bieber?

I had the priviledge of doing a Q & A session with who could quite possibly be the next Harry Styles or Justin Bieber. The rising star, Tom Bertram is the holder of the #1 Unsigned Album produced with Tim D. Bradshaw who has worked with some big names. Tom Bertram is a Youtube and iTune sensation.

Ask any of Tom Bertram’s 100,000+ Twitter followers and you’ll find out that he is a British singer-songwriter from Portsmouth in the UK.

He started his online following from posting songs to YouTube and things went from there. Tom released an acoustic EP titled ‘Wasting Time’ and then just carried on going.

By 2013 Tom had started to be noticed by some well established artists and started being asked to perform at backstage parties, performing for Noel Gallagher, Bryan Adams , Joss Stone, James Morrison and Ocean Colour Scene amongst others.

He also performed at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration and the premiere of the Twilight movie.

His 2nd ‘official’ batch of recordings came in the shape of a 7 song mini album called “Back Home” and was produced by Tim Bradshaw, an established producer and musician who has worked with acts such as John Mayer, David Gray, Ronan Keating and Afro Celt Sound System amongst others, and was released on Feb 2nd 2013.

The album received over an impressive 20,000 downloads in 5 days and peaked at No.1 in the Reverb Nation UK Charts and 42 in the Reverb Nation Worldwide charts.

His latest album ‘Dig To Locate’ was released on July 2nd 2015. The album is Tom’s first full LP, consisting of 10 tracks all co-written and produced with Tim Bradshaw.

Three tracks from the album ‘Not Leaving Here’ ‘World At My Feet’ and ‘Burning Bridges’ have all had radio play on various stations including the BBC and Tom has been interviewed and has played live on both BBC and independent radio around the country.

‘Burning Bridges’ was featured on The Mark Forrest Show as a BBC Introducing track, which was aired on 39 BBC Station across the UK, with an estimated 43.8million listeners.

Tom and I got upclose and personal with a 'lil Q & A style interview and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did:

Q. What do you mean by having the #1 Unsigned Album?

Tom Bertram - Album

A. My album went to No.1 in the unsigned charts on its first week and stayed there for over a month. It is an incredible honour that I can only thank my fans for!

Q. How were you discovered?

Tom Bertram - Guitar

A. I worked very hard on performing live shows and also building an online following with youtube videos.

Q. What kind of music do you produce?

A. I would say sing-songwriter but each song is different in tempo, production etc.

Q. Explain the title of your album.

Tom Bertram - Album (Itunes)

A. It means I have gone deeper to express myself.

Q. What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

A. That’s a tough question as they all mean a lot to me. I’d probably say Tonight Don’t Leave Me On My Own if I had to really choose one. Something about it just hits me hard. Maybe its the story. You have to remember all these songs are real life stories so maybe this one is a bit stronger.

Q. Are you planning any kind of a tour or showcase of your work in the near future?

Tom Bertram

A. I will be playing a few shows in April and May. A show in Portsmouth, UK my hometown, a show at Top Gear presenter and BBC Radio 2 DJ’s Chris Evans’s bar for him and a I’ll be celebrating my birthday at the Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles on May 29th.

Q. What was it like to work with Tim D. Bradshaw?

A. Tim is an incredible musician, and definitely the best I’ve met. I’ll be honest I have had moments when I’m sat thinking this guy has been on stage with Mayer, Clapton, David Gray, Alicia Keys just to name a few. And then his studio work as well on top of that. You have to keep focused and get the work done still though, but I do know I am very very fortunate.

In The Music

Q. If there were one artist you could collaborate with, who would they be?

A. I am actually really digging Justin Bieber at the moment, his new stuff is very cool, I especially like ‘Love Yourself’. Again a tough question with so many great artists. I’d probably go with Mayer.

Q. What cities have you performed in so far and what’s on your city bucket list?

Private Drive

A. Oh lots! I’d say bucket list would be Tokyo and Buenos Aires. Also some shows in Australia. But I am happy to go anywhere!

Q. What’s the most exciting thing that has happened on your music journey thus far? 

A. Playing for Noel Gallagher is right up there. A childhood hero booking you is quite a thing.

Q. This is a question for the ladies. Are you married or have a significant other?

A. I am not married at the moment.


Q. Which is your favorite performance method? Acoustic or with a band? 

A. Acoustic is more intimate but I have more fun with a band. Theres nothing like playing alongside other musicians.

Q. Was the Mark Forrest Show your big break? 

A. It was a big help indeed. It is such a huge show, if not the biggest in the UK.

Q. What are your career plans for the next year? 

A. Play more shows, I’d really like to go on tour with another artist too, that is something that would be cool.

Q. What do you consider to be the ultimate career achievement you’re working toward? 

A. Playing music to as many people as possible, giving them an escape and time to feel emotion.

Q. Tell us something we wouldn’t know about Tom Bertram? 


A. Bit of a gym freak at the moment. Also I have a fear of zombies.

Q. How can fans reach you and listen to your work? 

A. Twitter is the best way at the moment to reach me, with the messaging side although I am getting better at instagram finally! Sorry I’m a bit old at heart (laughs). Obviously buying an album from iTunes, google, amazon etc or even a CD from my website, I sign every CD with a personal message to the buyer too :) Or if you want to have  listen first the album is on Apple Music.

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