Vertuze Sparkling Wine is Sparkle- licious Not from Champagne France but an Equal Contender


Sparkle- licious!


That's what comes to mind with the new Vertuze Sparkling Wines. A product of BevMarketing Group Company Inc., launched in 2010, these bubbly gems are now available at selected restaurants and Wine & Spirit stores throughout Southern Cal and Las Vegas.



Located in the beautiful Arroyo Grande Valley (California's Central Coast, aka SLO - San Louis Obispo) this vintage emerging from aged oak barrels is described as having "Elegant, fruit focused scents...." accompanied by layers of richness hinting of banana and other fruity undertones.  As a result this sparkler transcends to a hint of sweetness and consistently bubbly balance.


Look for it at your local Gelson's, and also 90210 Wine & Spirits at an affordable price of approximately $30 a bottle.  Vertuze is also featured at several select restaurants such as BOA Beverly Hills, Sky Bar Los Angeles, Spago, Sur, Little Door and Osteria Angelini to name a few.  Enjoy it also  at Four Seasons Hotels; both in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara.


I'm a true fan of "The Widow", formally known Veuve Cliquot Demi-Sec, which retails for about $50 bucks a' bottle.  Vertuze Sparkling Wine, however, (can't say Champagne or Interpol will come a knockin' at my door) is a close favorite.



Now wouldn't the Holidays be a perfect time to give it a try and impress your friends and family at the same time?




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