The Public House by Evans Brewing Co. - The Beer is Just the Beginning

Southern California has certainly carved out a niche in the world of craft beer. Some big name cities seem to have a stranglehold on the tap, but Fullerton has become not only a beer destination with Evans Brewing Co., but they have paired it with the amazing food being cooked up at the Public House.

Evans Tasting

The Evans Brewing Co. experience begins with the beer, but it goes well beyond those flavorful drafts. The Public House is focused around the wide ranging selection of Evans beer, but it mixes in a great craft cocktail program an even better food program and just a stunning and friendly bar that is perfect for one beer, happy hour, a group gathering or just a leisurely weekend brunch.

Biscuits & Gravy at Weekend Brunch

When it comes to tasting rooms, it is tough to top the Public House for everything it includes, but if you are a beer conneseaur at the end of the day, it is the beer that matters. Lucky for you Evans Brewing Co. has come up with a great lineup of beers.

Oaklore Brown Ale (6.5% ABV) has the dark flavors that you have come to love in a brown ale, but you get an added flavor from the fact that this beer is aged on oak chips. Not to be confused with barrel-aged beer, this has a lot of the same flavors but without that overwhelming and overpowering taste you can get from a barrel. The Pollen Nation honey blonde ale is just a version of this beer that is done to perfection while giving you a little something extra with the addition of the orange blossom honey. In keeping with the beers we all know and love, Evans created the Hefeweizer, created coriander and bitter orange peel, a very easy to drink beer. If you are looking for something in the IPA family the krHOPen IPA will really wake up your nose when you take a whiff, the IPA flavors really come through in the scent, but the pine and citrus notes are much more subtle, so great for someone who likes their IPA not quite so hoppy.

"Stout at the Devil" is a Russian Imperial Stout that goes far beyond the typical stout with a singular note, this beer created by Kevin Hammonds, Director of Brewing at Evans, brings together five malts, with hints of chocolate, coffee and dark fruit. While giving that rich stout flavor and 9% alcohol, it is one of those special beers that transcend that wide assortment of flavors as it crosses your taste buds. Finally the Chocolatte (Nitro) is a true delicacy, a chocolate porter with cacao nibs and coffee, this beer is rich and creamy and so smooth to drink, a truly addicting beer.

Executive Chef Amanda Platt built the culinary program from the ground up, literally as The Public House itself was being built. The seasonality of the menu along with the fresh ingredients and unique flavors make the Public House a great dining option regardless of if you enjoy an ice cold beer.

Evans Pub Burger

The Evans Signature Pub Burger is as good as it gets when it comes to burger. Chef Amanda created a blended patty of ribeye and pastrami to give you a rich and elevated burger experience. Pair this with the Joaquin Dead red ale and you will be quite happy. The fun part of the Public House is that Chef Amanda cooks in her tiny kitchen that is right in the bar so you can watch as she creates her masterpieces. Other favorites include; wild caught salmon, flat iron Black Angus steak that comes with a chimichurri sauce and you can choose from an assortment of brick oven flatbreads.

Chili Cheese Fries

The chili cheese fries might be the best bar food in Fullerton. This dish consists of crispy sweet potato waffle fries, house made chili that created using the flavorful Evan's Mexican Red Ale, then topped of with a variety of cheeses, tobasco aioli and scallions. These pack a punch of flavor with every bite. To go along with the entrees Chef Amanda has created some creative sides including; charred "Oaklore Brown Ale" glazed Brussel sprouts, sweet potato tater tots that are brought to life with a great ginger glaze and roasted colored cauliflower. Yes you can get French fries, but the question is, "why would you?”

Evans Brewing Co.

Beer and the craft part of it have created countless breweries up and down the west coast, so deciding where to visit can make for sleepless nights. If you want to venture beyond San Diego and head down a little ways from Los Angeles, there is no better spot in Orange County to experience what craft beer is all about than the Public House in Fullerton. If you are really dedicated to beer, Evans is publicly traded so you can literally own the beer that you are drinking, but even if you don't want to buy some stock, you will certainly want to buy more of Evans Brewing Co. beer after one taste. The Public House has a beer for ever palate and some amazing food for every beer, making for one great experience.

For more information visit: Evans Brewing Co.

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