The Lash- an apocalyptic bar downtown L.A

If you are looking to go out in L.A. and feel like you are anywhere but in L.A you are on the right track here with this new bar called The Lash on Winston str downtown Los Angeles.

The entrance is protected by a gate and once you check in with the gate keeper, you make your way through an alley to get to the actual entrance door of the bar. Stepping into the front room of LASH you will immediately feel like you are in a different city. Maybe it's the lighting or the tiles on the wall, however, the very industrial and minimalistic space designed by Erik Hart and founded by musician Ross O'Carrol was built from scratch and has a post modern feel. A big neon sign with Russian writing above the bar, a couple of white blocks and benches one can sit on, are all there is in the front room. As you make your way through a small tiled tunnel with restrooms, which remind on the London subway, you'll get to the main room where you will find a bigger bar with a distorted disco ball taking center stage. Everything in this place looks worn even the tiles but that seems to be the charm of this establishment. When you make your way around back you will find yourself in a granite room, almost like a garage space with weird angles and shattered glass tables. The perfect place to relax and have a chat. Now you will feel as if the entire place survived some sort of Apocalyptic war and you and all the other people here are the sole survivors.

Looking at the bar menu you will find a touch of Irish, maybe since the founder has Irish routes. You can find beers from Germany and Irish Stouts, or you can sip on tasty cocktails called Dark& Stormy( rum, ginger beer), an untitled tequila-Kahlua-Espresso drink, Krysta (vodka, st.germain, chambord), Kingstonclub or the 117. You also have a good choice of Red, Whites, bubbles, Vodka, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Cognac/ Brandy and Tequilla.

The opening soiree friday 02/01/13 definitely had an interesting mix of people show, maybe some came from the fashion district, little tokyo or the west-side, who knows. One thing is for sure: lots of ladies with tattoos and interesting accessories around their neck. One of the waitresses looks like the girl in the Girl with The Dragoon Tattoo. The guys some unshaven, with big corky glasses, reminded of the lower Eastside crowd in the early 90is in N.Y.

Becka Diamond+ Goddollars provided the perfect 80is punk rock sound for this event. Come join for a drink and make new artsy friends, maybe win a fan for the night or become a Lash “survivor” forever. 

The Lash
117 Winston St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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