Stack Wines Review – The Labor Day Drink of Choice

Labor Day is always a weekend filled with parties as everyone sadly bids adieu to summertime. With parties come guests and tastes that span. It is easy to take care of most guests, beer, soda, a mixed drink, but on occasion like this, breaking out an entire bottle of wine seems a bit much. Stack Wines has made life easy for Labor Day or any other party with their single serving wines.

Wine does not need to be enjoyed only during dinner at a fine restaurant and that is what makes Stack Wines special. Labor Day weekend is perfect for the pool, beach or any type of party you might throw. Almost any party unless it is a little more on the formal side, the issue with wine bottles and wine glasses always has to be in your decision making when it comes to time decide what to serve. No one wants to have busted glass at a poolside event or who wants to take glassware to tailgate? The option to go with Stack Wines makes serving wine at any party or any function a great alternative. Not only do you not have to worry about the glass, but you also don’t have to worry about uncorking an entire bottle of wine only to see it go to waste as only a glass or two is consumed. And don’t forget if you head to the beach or a football game and you forget your corkscrew, with Stack Wines you just unzip the package and pop your wine glasses apart, simple and easy.

Stack Wines co-founder Jodi Wynn felt that one of the biggest issues with Stack Wines is that people will think that the quality of the wine will not be on par with bottled wine. While some might have that opinion, that will quickly change with one tasting. All four flavors; Charisma, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay are outstanding. You would be happy to enjoy all four flavors in any setting and any type of pairing that similar bottled wine flavors could be consumed with. The best way to convince yourself is by purchasing a simple package of four Stack Wines and have your own wine tasting, you won’t be disappointed. The Charisma is a great way to get introduced to Stack Wines, a bit more mild of a wine, you are hit with the blackberry and blackcurrant jam that are combined nicely with the cedar to give you a wide range of flavors.

Stack Wines co-founder Jodi Wynn

Stack Wines is great to help celebrate Labor Day, but it truly is the year-round convenient wine of choice. Tailgating, pool parties, even just last minute events that you just need a single pour; Stack Wines will make sure that any wine connoisseur in the crowd is overjoyed!

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