Simply Italian Great Wines US Tour Review – Get There Early


The Simply Italian Great Wines Tour is clearly a hot ticket for vintners and restaurateurs seeking continuing wine education.  This recurring US Tour is designed to showcase Italy’s vast range of varietals and bring together Italian wineries and US importers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs, media, educators and other professionals in the industry.



After a full morning of seminars by wine experts, over 50 vineyards pour their samples in the tasting hall. 



This year included newcomers:  Piedmont Red & White Group, 18 boutique wineries from the rolling hills of Piedmont; Consorzio Vini Frascati from the Lazio region presenting their denominations Frascati D.O.C., Frascati Superiore D.O.C.G. and Cannellino di Frascati D.O.C.G; and several wineries from the island of Sardinia introducing the characteristics of their unique terroir. 



The seminars on characteristics of wines from different regions of Italy—Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, Romagna, Sardinia—had overflow crowds of pre-registered attendees, such that plastic cups were summoned for impromptu servings to those crammed in on the sidelines.  Given the predictable quality and expertise of the presenters in these Simply Italian seminars it’s no wonder that these are sold-out events and then some.  Tip:  Get there early so you can claim a seat with proper wine sampling stations.




Detailed summary sheets are also provided at these seminars on each wine sampled—cost, annual production volumes, aging process details, pairing suggestions, and more.  To someone on the periphery of the wine industry these events never cease to amaze by revealing the vast knowledgebase and devotion of all who make and sell Italian wine.



Our main takeaways:


1)   Stick to the reds.  While we sampled many high quality white wines it was relatively hit and miss compared to the seemingly guaranteed high quality of reds at all price points.


2)   With pictures of vines growing in sandy beaches, the wines of Sardinia were so intriguing that it shortlists a visit to Sardinia in future Italy travels.


3)   Not surprisingly, most of the wines that we ranked “outstanding” as we sampled in seminars and later in the exhibit hall were ones that have low annual production volumes of 10,000 bottles or less per year. 



The US tours of Simply Italian Great Wines are coordinated by the International Event and Exhibition Management of Florida.  For information on the next US tour call 305 937 2488 or visit the Simply Italian Great Wines website.


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