Shock Top Tap Takeover – The Latest from Shock Top Beer and Head Brewmaster Jill Vaughn

Shock Top Beer and head brewmaster Jill Vaughn hosted their own Shock Top Tap Takeover at GULP in Los Angeles on September 24th. This was a night that allowed guests to get insight from Jill on the unique Shock Top brewing process, her own background and of course getting to sample beers such as Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat.


Shock Top Head Brewmaster Jill Vaughn

Fall is always a popular time to introduce some unique beer flavors and Shock Top has brought out an assortment of tasty brews that are perfect for any event you have coming up. The classic Shock Top Belgian White is always a favorite and some of the other great flavors include; Shock Top Honey Apple Crisp, Spiced Banana Wheat and as Halloween approaches, there is the Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat.


If you are looking for that refreshing and light beer but enjoy a great cider, the Honeycrisp Apple Wheat was made for you. You get all of the flavor of the Belgian White beer along with the sweet and slight tartness that comes along with an apple cider. A really refreshing beer that is perfect for a Saturday of tailgating at your favorite college football stadium. The seasonal Pumpkin Wheat will only be around until mid-November so make sure to pick some of this beer up quickly to enjoy it with the fall season. Not only do you get the flavor of pumpkin, but you also are treated to those great spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves that just fill you with an autumn feel. If you are looking for a beer that will leave your palette not only pleased, but guessing at the plethora of flavors, you have to try the Spiced Banana Wheat. This unfiltered wheat ale is blended with citrus peels, honey, spice and of course banana to provide you with a rich yet slightly sweet beer that is truly unique.

Seasonal Shock Top

If you would like to try Shock Top the way guests did at the GULP event, you can try the Spiced Banana Wheat in vanilla cones lined with chocolate. Pair this with Chocolate Mouse Parfait and enjoy as the caramel and brown sugar flavors pair particularly well with desserts. Guests also enjoyed Shock Top Belgian White, Honey Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Wheat and Raspberry Wheat that were served with pastrami fries and prosciutto crostini.

Food pairings with Shock Top

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Ice cold Shock Top

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