Oak by Absolut - A Barrel Aged Masterpiece

Just when you thought the spirit world had gone flat and you were relegated to the same bottles that your eyes have crossed for years, along comes a barrel aged spirit to wow you. A barrel, not that unique you say. They are even putting beer in oak barrels now. Amazingly Absolut took their 96% pure vodka, had it mature in three different barrels and created the fabulous Oak by Absolut.

Oak by Absolut

Absolut vodka works with oak that originates from; Sweden, France and America and combines new and toasted barrels, as well as bourbon casks. The combination of each distinct wood and the aging process along with the fact that they are using a 96% pure spirit is what creates the unique mix and plethora of different flavors within Oak by Absolut. You are going to find a richness due to the aging that you won't find in any other vodka and as you are tasting Oak by Absolut you are going to be able to taste a wide range of flavors including; caramel, vanilla and of course a great smoky undercurrent throughout.

Mixology 101 with Oak by Absolut

While aged spirits such as bourbon and whiskey have their own fans, they are certainly not for everyone. Oak by Absolut is the opposite, it truly is for everyone and that is best proved by the fact that even the most timid palate more than likely can drink this spirit straight. Certainly the same can not be said for bourbon or whiskey. The true genius of Oak by Absolut is its versatility. It can take the place of a multitude of spirits and it also lends itself to creativity. You can play around with Oak by Absolut and try it with different flavors and you never know what you might create, it is a true mixologists dream.

The Oak Mule

Oak by Absolut is not sold nationwide as of yet, but if you are in one of the lucky states that is currently carrying it, run out and grab a bottle to try, you won't be disappointed. While carrying a price tag of a few dollars more than the standard Absolut line of vodka, Oak is well worth it as with each pour you are going to elevate whatever cocktail you are mixing to a higher and tastier level.

How Oak is created

Absolut has provided a few easy recipes for you to try at home using Oak by Absolut

Oak Mule
2 parts Oak by Absolut
5 parts Ginger Beer
Lime Wedge
Optional - Angostura Bitters

Oak Sour
2 parts Oak by Absolut
1 part Lemon Juice
.75 parts Simple Syrup

Oak & Cola
2 parts Oak by Absolut
5 parts Cola

Oak Apple Pie Shooter
1 part Oak by Absolut
1 part Apple Juice
0.5 parts Cinnamon Syrup
0.5 parts Lemon Juice
How to mix
Shake with ice and strain into glass.

For more information visit: Oak by Absolut

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