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National Vodka Day - Make Your Vodka Unique on This Special Day

By Stephan Martin

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If any spirit deserved its own day, it has to be Vodka, In 2011, roughly 62 million 9-liter cases of vodka were sold in the U.S – the most of any spirit category. You can choose from flavor-infused or natural, made from potatoes or wheat. Whatever your choice, the flavors that can be combined with vodka are endless and October 4th is the perfect day to try a new flavor in honor of National Vodka Day.

Splash Magazines has put together a few of the more creative vodka recipes that you can go out and order or if you prefer you can try your hand at preparing any of these tasty cocktails.

Over on the Sunset Strip, Rock & Reilly's Pub will be featuring the SVEDKA Spicy Slapper ($6) and Irish fare appetizers($5) from 3pm-6pm.

SVEDKA Spicy Slapper at Rock & Reilly's Pub
1.5 oz part SVEDKA Clementine
.5 oz part Cranberry Juice
3-4 cubes of watermelon
1 slice of jalapeno, circle sliced (discard seeds for desired heat)
.25-.35 oz lime juice
.25-.5 oz of simple syrup (depending on ripeness of melon and desired sweetness of cocktail)

INSTRUCTIONS: Muddle all of these ingredients in a mixing tin, add ice, shake and stir, strain over ice in a Collins glass, top with 7-Up and garnish with lime twist
Rock & Reilly's is located 8911 W. Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA www.rnrpub.com

In honor of National Vodka Day, SiLo Vodka Bar Downtown has created a SVEDKA Melontini ($9) and all SVEDKA shots will be $5 all day and night. Throw on a coat and check out the SiLO FREEZER, designed for the proper enjoyment of vodka in its purest form in the 28 degrees temperature room.

SVEDKA Melontini at Silo Vodka Bar
2oz part SVEDKA Vodka
1/8 cup of simple syrup
1/2 cup watermelon with a couple sprigs of cilanto muddled

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix in tin, add ice, shake and stir, squeeze juice from half a lemon, serve over a martini glass.

Melontini at Silo

Silo Vodka Bar is located 221 West 7th Street in Downtown LA http://www.silosliderbar.com/

Ketel One Vodka has provided two unique recipes to help you celebrate National Vodka Day:

Chocolate Berry Martini
1/2 ounce Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka
1 ounce Ketel One Vodka
4 ounces Cranberry Juice
Cranberries for garnish

1. Combine Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka, Ketel One Vodka and cranberry juice into a cocktail shaker with ice.
2. Shake contents, then strain into a martini glass.
3. Add cranberries for garnish.

Moscow Mule
1 1/2 ounces Ketel One Vodka
1 ounce Ginger Beer
1/2 ounce Cranberry Juice
1/2 ounce Fresh Lime Juice
Orange Bitters

1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
2. Add Ketel One Vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice and orange bitters and shake vigorously.
3. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice and top with ginger beer.


Sage at ARIA Las Vegas

Blue Velvet

A frothy blueberry delight made with Hangar One Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka, Rothman & Winter Crème de Violette, simple syrup, Angostura Aromatic Bitters, fresh blueberries, lime juice, a touch of egg white and, for an effervescent kick, a splash of sparkling Brachetto/Moscato.

Published on Oct 03, 2012

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