Milagro Tequila's UNICO Launch Review - Giving Tequila a New Rep

In 1997, Milagro founders Daniel Schneeweiss and Moises Guindi sought to turn the spirit world on its ear with a new spin on tequila.  And they’ve succeed in grand fashion.


Milagro has been able to rescue tequila from its bottom of the barrel status, so to speak, in the spirit world.  Combining an old-world distillation technique to their filtering and oxygenation process so unique the Discovery Channel aired a documentary about it, the brand has become the most awarded tequila, validating Danny and Moy’s dedication to globalizing contemporary ideals of tequila. 


And they’ve upped the ante even more with Milagro Unico.  On Thursday, March 8th, the duo along with William Grant honchos, offered a select few a tasting of Unico at Playa in West HollywoodGaston Martinez, Milagro West Coast Brand Ambassador and chief mixologist, paired delectable concoctions with each part of the event.


We enjoyed the Dina Mita, made with citrus bitters, ginger beer and absinthe mist, and the Carpe Dia, with blackberries and sage leaves during the cocktail hour.


More innovative drinks followed with the 3-course tapas-style dinner…

The Paloma Italiano, an updated grapefruit Tequila Sunrise


La Gaviotta, the mid-meal palate cleanser, was actually a table-side created sorbet using passion fruit, Prosecco and a little liquid nitrogen.


The Swarm Volume II (we didn’t get to sample Volume I), an incredible mixture of sherry, mango, Hellfire bitters and a dash of bee pollen.


Seeing how my exposure to tequila had been limited to birthday shots or Cinqo de Mayo, I was floored by just how smooth Milagro Unico was.  I’d never been able to taste agave in liquor the way Milagro’s micro-distillery process allows for.  You can immediately taste the agave with citrus hints all throughout.  It also has a long, mellow, vanilla-like finish.  The fact that they use more than 13 kilos of agave to produce one liter of Unico – versus typical brands’ 6 – 7 kilos – ensures Milagro’s competition-less field.  This method yields about 5,000 liters per year, and they are never frantic to move bottles off the shelves – they practically fly off even with the $350 MSRP tag.

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