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Maya Tequila Review - Tasting Maya!

By Adriana Davalos

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One night out at an exclusive event in Downtown Los Angeles I discovered a rich and delicious tequila, Maya Tequila, made from organic hand-selected agave grown on a private estate. 

Jeff Dipane, president of CMNA Inc., which is a distributor of Maya Tequila, gave me a private tasting at El Cholo Cafe restaurant in Pasadena, California a week after being introduced to Maya.

The tequila lover can choose to drink Maya Silver, Maya Reposado, and Maya Extra Anejo, where each has it's own distinct taste and equally delicious. Take a look at the video to see my response. 

For more information on Maya Tequila, visit www.TequilaMaya.com


Published on May 24, 2013

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