Maker's Mark Bourbon Discovery Dinner--Red Medicine 10 courses exclusive to media

Maker's Mark Bourbon Discovery Dinner--Red Medicine 10 courses exclusive to media


Maker’s Mark hosted an intimate, informal, but informative dinner for twelve of LA’s finest journalists and food bloggers at the hot Vietnamese restaurant, Red Medicine.


The Maker’s Mark Bourbon Discovery Dinner at Red Medicine was an exclusive event serving up a specialty menu with one of a kind handcrafted Maker’s Mark bourbon drinks. The educational evening for media only, showcased Maker’s Mark cocktails and the finest bourbon food creations of highly inventive and creative celebrity chef Jordan Kahn, who Frank Bruni of The New York Times once compared to Jackson Pollack.

Red Medicine is small but quaint and located almost hidden on the Wilshire corner by La Cienega. The interior was of stone and modern, and the servers were there to cater to us and help facilitate the event, not socialize. 

April Gallegos, Maker’s Mark Diplomat, was the gracious host and bourbon educator.

Place settings

She had a well crafted lesson plan and captivating presentation. Each place setting included a press kit, shot samples of Maker’s Mark and Maker’s Mark 46, both place neatly on their very own labeled mat.

Maker's Mark shot

Also each guest had their own mini bottle of Maker’s Mark and ice ball tray, to take home, and a Red Medicine menu for the evening’s meal.

Maker's Mark

Upon taking a seat next to a fellow journalist, a refreshing drink was placed as April gave a back story on the Maker’s Mark process and the first dish was served. A one of a kind bourbon specialty drink was served for each dish grouping, totaling 4 drinks, 2 including for desserts. Pacing oneself was definitely the theme for the evening. April introduced each Maker's Mark shot with a background story and we were to take a sip or the whole shot, once again, pacing yourself because 4 other drinks were also served.

Maker's Mark Lime

Maker's Mark Pineapple


Each dish, a total of 10 including 2 desserts, consisted of many unusual ingredients but well placed together and beautifully presented. One would definitely agree that the menu in itself was and is unique. It is hard for me to say, what was my favorite dish, considering the Imperial Wagyu Beef Brisket cut like butter and almost melted in my mouth.

Beef Brisket

But I was captivated with the Heirloom Rice Porridge. I don’t like oatmeal or rice pudding, but the flavors in this rice porridge were delicious.

Rice Porridge

Other menu items included Brussels sprouts, roasted black and tender with caramelized shallots, fish sauce, and vermouth, served with shrimp chips and Thai basil.  The sprouts were the perfect texture, not too tender, and the flavors were scrumptious. The shrimp chips are addictive. I’m wondering where to buy them.



The rest of the food was even more creative and innovative and beautifully presented.


Table favorites were the beef tartare, the sword fin squid, and the tomatoes.  

Sword Fin Squid

The beef tartare was like a pate.  The sword fin squid was textured and tender, situated in a salted black bean sauce.

Sweet Corn


Dessert was served even as we all sat stuffed. The coconut bavarois was a mix of coffee, condensed milk, Thai basil, and a peanut croquant.  I am lactose intolerant so I did not indulge but savored the peanut croquant. And the bitter chocolate was like a mouse served with parsnips, yummy brown butter, and other flavorings. Red Medicine has a very welcoming vibe and a menu that’s intriguing and warrants you to want to try everything on it.


About Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark Bourbon whisky (45% alc./vol) and Maker’s Mark 46 (47% alc./vol) are distilled, aged and bottled by the Maker’ Mark Distillery, Inc, in Loretta, KY. In 1980, the distillery was designated a National Historic Landmark, becoming the first distillery in America to be so recognized. It is also decreed as “the oldest operating bourbon distillery in the world” by the Guinness World Records Book. Maker’s Mark is one of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting more than 90,000 visitors each year.


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