KIN White Whiskey - Smoothness No Matter How You Drink It

KIN White Whiskey is that spirit that you might not know, but one sip in and you are hooked. KIN has created a whiskey that will satisfy even the most discerning whiskey drinkers while also providing a smoothness that will make whiskey enjoyable for those who have sworn off this spirit years ago.

Blaine Adams (Barrel & Ashes)

KIN White Whiskey

KIN White Whiskey is an infant when it comes to the spirit world, but it is quickly gaining traction thanks to how unique it is. Think of KIN as the union of whiskey and moonshine and take the best of both worlds and what you are left with is KIN. KIN begins with the fresh spring water from Ben, Oregon and while all of the ingredients are important, water can make a huge difference and the spring water used in KIN really sets it apart from other spirits.

KIN Founder Bernard Lax

With no solvent flavor or after-taste, KIN never touches a barrel, is distilled with spring water and never ages. Hand crafted with an alcohol volume of 40% and 80 proof, KIN is a premium white spirit. With a clean drinking profile, KIN is perfect for mixology as well as drinking straight. What gives it such a unique and pleasant flavor compared to other whiskeys on the market is that KIN only takes the best part of the distilling process and gets rid of the lower quality portion that most others mix in with theirs.

So smooth, KIN White Whiskey can even be taken as a shot by even the most timid and faint of heart whiskey drinkers. But when you think of a shot, it is taken in a way that gets the alcohol and limits your taste. So while you can take a shot of KIN, the ultimate way to enjoy this whiskey is get a shot and then slowly sip it, allow all of the rich flavors to hit your taste buds.

Blaine Adams (Barrel & Ashes)

A great recipe to try with KIN White Whiskey is KIN’s Cup
Courtesy of Blaine Adams (Barrel & Ashes)
1.5 oz Kin White Whiskey
3 slices of lightly muddled fresh cucumber
¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz Fresh Grapefruit juice
¾ oz Orange Mint infused Simple Syrup
½ oz of sweeter Style Amaro, such as China-China or Chio Charo
Put all in a tin with crushed ice. Light shake. Dump all into a high ball. Garnish with a mint sprig

Currently available in 750ml bottles from a variety of on trade locations in Los Angeles, in addition to off trade service in a selection of notable bars, restaurants and hotels within Los Angeles and San Diego.

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For more information visit: KIN White Whiskey

You can find KIN White Whiskey at the following Los Angeles and San Diego locations:
• Barrel and Ashes
• The Churchill
• Cliff’s Edge
• E.P. & L.P.
• The Hudson
• Justice Urban Tavern
• Kitchen24
• Little Dom’s
• On the Thirty
• Porta Via
• Public School 213
• Resident
• Sixth Street Tavern
• Sonny’s Hideaway Highland Park
• Standard Rooftop Bar
• Toca Madera
• The Whiskey House - San Diego
• Werewolf American Pub - San Diego

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