JUST THE WINE Review - Easily Drink Wine without the Sulfites

Jean and Rodney Ishihara, a brother and sister team

Just the Wine, LLC, is a Newport Beach company, co-founded by Jean and Rodney Ishihara, a brother and sister team. After extensive research they created an additive that reduces the unbound sulfites in wine by up to 80 percent with only three drops. Used in low amounts, hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in Just the Wine reduces the sulfites in your wine. If you have sulfite sensitivities or just don't want sulfites in your wine, Just the Wine solves that problem. Of course, the drops are not recommended for low or no sulfite wines but you can now control your sulfite intake in red wine, white wine, and champagne. 

Just the Wine

To write this article, Splash had to learn what are sulfites were and why they were used in wine.   Sulfites have long been a winemakers’ tool, used as long ago as Roman times. Sulfur dioxide, which is a compound formed from sulfur and oxygen, exists naturally in wine.  It is the result of the fermentation process.  Winemakers use sulfur dioxide (sulfites) at various stages of the winemaking process because

  1. Sulfites stabilize wine preventing turning to vinegar or deteriorating with oxygen exposure.
  2. Vintners believe it safeguards the wine's flavor.

In short, sulfur dioxide inhibits yeasts, preventing sweet wines from refermenting in the bottle. It’s an antioxidant, keeping the wine fresh and untainted by oxygen. Used in winemaking as an anti-microbial and preservative for bottling and storing wine. Interestingly, many red wines produce sulfites naturally.  White wines typically require more sulfites to be added for the same affect. Winemakers add sulfites during the winemaking process; then adjust the sulfite levels to meet their specific requirements and formulations.

Only 3 Drops

Two types of sulfites are used in winemaking. To make up the total sulfites in wine there are “bound” sulfites and “free” sulfites. Just like it sounds, bound sulfites are molecularly bounded to other compounds in the particular wine.  Then there are free sulfites which are on bound. The free sulfites are the problem for they affect those with sulfite sensitivities, maybe up to 5% of the population.

For those with sulfite sensitivity, you may suffer itchy hives and wheezing, even shortness of breath and severe chest constriction. It has been found that sensitive individuals react to unbound, or free, sulfites. Jean Ishihara was affected terribly by sulfites and she did not want to give up her champagne so instead she spent years learning the key to getting rid of sulfites.  She simply did not have to give up wine. 

Jean Ishihara

Her product works similarly to that used in the winemaking process. Just the wine adjusts the levels of free sulfites to the desired concentration. Therefore, the free sulfites that are the usual problem are no more. The Just the Wine drops combine with the free sulfites, so they are bound. Once they are bound to just the wine drops become the free sulfites become neutral and sufferers have no reaction. 

Importantly used in low amounts, the dosage suggested, the drops do not affect the wine’s flavor. As I am not bothered by sulfites, I was worried that the wine’s taste would be ruined. But I am happy to report it did not did not affect the taste of the wine. You cannot taste the drops if used in the right dosage. In fact the only time you can taste the Just the Wine, is when all free sulfites have been neutralized and you have added excess drops. Since all wines are different and contain varying amounts of sulfites, the amount of reduction varies. But the suggested dosage is below.

Just The Wine $5.95 per bottle 5ml (.17 fl. oz) Use  3 drops per glass or 13 drops per bottle.  Add 3 Drops of Just the Wine into a glass of wine. Swirl for 20 seconds and enjoy! (Standard 6 oz serving.) Or add 13 Drops of Just the Wine into a bottle of wine. Re-cork, turn bottle upside-down several times to mix. Serve. (750ml bottle.)  Each tiny dropper bottle of Just The Wine contains enough product to remove the sulfites from approximately 25 glasses of wine or 6 bottles.

Reduce your sulfites

Just the Wine was developed and tested with multiple wines to establish representative ranges of sulfites pre and post application. They developed the product to be flexible enough to fine tune the amount of Just the Wine needed for a specific wine. The concentration level of the active agent, hydrogen peroxide, is within the acceptable limits of many over-the-counter products available for oral use.

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