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Golden Road Brewing much like many great ideas was just a vision. In 2011 that vision came to life and now Golden Road has seemingly turned into an entire campus of beer in Los Angeles. Going well beyond just great tasting and innovative beers, Golden Road has created an entire beer experience.

Tasting Room (Courtesy Golden Road)

Golden Road offers a tasting room that you would put up against any other as well a great behind-the-scenes brewery tour. But it has gone further than that, it offers an all-encompassing beer environment. From a perfect Sunday brunch to a wedding ceremony, Golden Road runs the gamut of what they offer to beer lovers.

A Perfect Los Angeles Day at Golden Road (Courtesy Golden Road)

In 2011, beer enthusiasts Meg Gill and Tony Yanow found a home to bring Golden Road Brewing to Los Angeles and ever since, they have been brewing and canning beer that has gone from a local and hidden treasure to a beer that is making its way across the country.

Golden Road Brewing (Courtesy Golden Road)

Golden Road offers a free brewery tour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, three times each day and while beer is not included in the tour, more than likely you are going to get a sample right off one of the Golden Road tanks. You truly haven't had a fresh beer until you have had some beer that comes right out of the tank. Simply as fresh as fresh gets. You can also go on a guided tasting for $15. If you have never been on a brewery tour it is simply the only way to truly experience the beer making process, to see the ingredients, how they all come together and of course enjoy all of the aromas that come with brewing beer.

Golden Road Tasting

If you are looking for a more private setting for any type of group from a birthday party, to a reception to corporate and anything in between, Chloe's at Golden Road is the perfect place to bring everyone together. Chloe's has two levels and has such a secluded feel that you will forget you are in a brewery and you get an almost secluded lodge feel. If you have a group of beer lovers, Chloe's is the perfect spot regardless of the type of event.

There are plenty of spots to enjoy all of the flavors that Golden Road produces, the tasting room is beautiful and if you are a sports fan you won't miss any of the big games as there are televisions all over. You can also enjoy a beer while playing ping pong outside or while sitting out front on a picnic table with your dog by your side. There are plenty of options of where to drink your beer, your only problem will be how to choose which beers to drink.

While the dark, heavy and rich stouts are popping up all over, Golden Road has been brewing "GET UP OFFA THAT BROWN" since 2012 and while this is a dark beer, it gives you a little of that richness but in an entirely different way. This brown ale comes in at a lower 5.5% alcohol, which allows you to enjoy at least a few of this tasty beer and while the chocolate notes are clearly prevalent, this is a much lighter beer that goes down easy and makes for a perfect Los Angeles beer to enjoy under the sun.

Coffee and beer, what a tasty and lethal combination and you can give me that over a Red Bull and Vodka any day. But with that it has become one of those beers that are coming at you fast and furious and with all beer, they are not created the same. It is one thing to have some great ingredients that go into the beer, but in this instance the coffee will really help set it apart. Golden Road creates their "Sunset Coffee" using Portola's Alchemist Coffee and what you get is the most coffee tasting beer on the market.

A seasonal favorite that goes fast is the Gingerbread Stout. One whiff and you are taken away to Christmas and one taste does the name justice. The normal Gingerbread Stout comes in at 8.5%, but if you are really looking for an elevated flavor to go along with an 11.8% alcohol content, the bourbon barrel aged version is a must try. One glass is more than enough, so take your time and slowly enjoy this rich and decadent beer.

Aging Room (Courtesy Golden Road)

If you are a fan of the IPA, Golden Road does it right with the Wolf Pup Session IPA, a nice, light and subtle IPA that really makes for a great introductory beer into the world of IPAs. If you want to go to the next level of IPAs, Wolf Among Weeds gives you that great IPA flavor that lingers  on your tongue long after you finished your drink. Very hoppy with a nice mix of tropical and piney flavors, this is a great IPA experience. For those of you who really like to push the limits of your beer tasting, Golden Road Los Angeles has some sours aging in barrels that will soon be ready for consumption.

Nothing better than a Giant Pretzel and Beer

Golden Road Los Angeles not only has a fabulous lineup of beer, but they have the food menu to match it. Nothing quite beats a Sunday brunch in Los Angeles and at Golden Road you pair your beer with a breakfast burrito that features bacon and manchego cheese or for those vegetarians out there you can choose from the vegan breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich, featuring tofu scrambled "eggs". If you are looking for that sweet over-the-top breakfast, try the bread pudding French toast with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, bacon and pure maple syrup. The daily menu is pretty amazing as well as burgers such as short rib, vegetarian Portobello mushroom or the fried avocado tacos. Golden Road also is very kid and dog friendly, making this a great spot for everyone.

Burger and a Golden Road Beer

While Anaheim is clearly the little brother to Los Angeles in this beer family, there are plenty of great reasons to visit this brewery. To begin with they have great barrel aging program that always offers up surprises and after you done enjoying a few Golden Road beers you can simply walk over to Angels Stadium or to the Pond to see the Ducks.

It is tough to keep track of all the breweries that are popping up all over the country and there is no question this is a great time to be alive if beer is your beverage of choice. But if you are in the Los Angeles don't let the fact that this area is fairly new to the brewing world deter you, Golden Road can pour a can of beer with the best of them.

For more information visit: Golden Road Brewing

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