Fourth of July 2014 – Differentiate Your Party From the Rest

The Fourth of July lands on a Friday this year and that means that your celebration of Independence might just carry over well into the weekend. To make sure that your party is memorable, Splash Magazines Worldwide has put together a list of a few of our favorite backyard barbeque items that will leave your guests wanting to stay at your party for the entire three-day weekend.

The perfect cocktail is usually where any Fourth of July party begins and Ole Smoky® Moonshine does up cocktails like no one else. Watermelon and summertime go hand-in-hand and to celebrate that pairing Ole Smoky® Moonshine has rolled out their Watermelon Moonshine and you will love the sense of summer that this flavor brings to your party. To help get your Fourth of July party going with some of the new Watermelon flavor, Ole Smoky® Moonshine has provided us with a few recipes that will really wow your guests.

Pink Panther

•1 Part Ole Smoky® Watermelon Moonshine

•2 Parts Tonic Water Garnish: Watermelon Wedge

Ole Smoky Watermelon

Watermelon Martini

•1 Part Ole Smoky® Watermelon Moonshine

•Splash of cranberry juice

•Splash of lime juice

Another great new flavor just in time for the Fourth of July is the Ole Smoky® Sweet Tea Moonshine. Who does not love a glass of sweat tea while they are basking under the summer sun? Well this adult version is perfect over the rocks or you can do a take on the classic Arnold Palmer and mix it with some lemonade. Ole Smoky® has a number of other great flavors and I guarantee none will disappoint you and if you want a real treat this Fourth of July break out the Ole Smoky® Moonshine Cherries, everyone will love these! For more information visit Ole Smoky® Moonshine.

If you are looking for an alternative to soda, high sugar fruit juices or any other drink that is anything but healthy, pick up some FLUROwater. You are going to be hard-pressed to find a drink that is better for you than the nutrient infused FLUROwater.  FLUROwater is sugar-free, preservative-free, has no chemicals or dyes and amazingly only contains 5 or 10 calories per serving and you won’t be able to tell with such unique and tasty flavors such as; Watermelon Raspberry, Macoun Apple, Dark Cherry and Kiwi Cucumber. The best part of FLUROwater is it is actually more than a drink, it has 6g of fiber in every bottle, helping you stay fuller, longer and it is loaded with vitamins; folic acid, A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, E, K and all of that fiber. This Fourth of July fill that cooler with FLUROwater  and feel good about what your guests are drinking at your party this year! For more information visit FLUROwater

The temperatures are sure to be approaching triple digits this Fourth of July, so to cool you and your friends and family down with some Yogen Früz. This is an amazing alternative to normal ice cream and has so many flavors that Yogen Früz will make everyone happy. If you are looking for that cocktail flavor without all of the calories and that will allow you to still have that summer freshness you can enjoy Mojito Sorbet, Strawberry Daiqueri Sorbet and Piña Colada Frozen Yogurt. Have your group share these summer mocktails beginning with the minty cool Mojito Sorbet, a dairy-free treat made with fresh mint leaves and real lime juice. Amazingly the Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet has zero grams of fat, the has the sweet strawberry-citrus taste of a real Strawberry Daiquiri without the worry of weight gain.  And of course the drink that was made for the beach, the creamy Piña Colada Frozen Yogurt, which is made with shredded coconut and pineapples blended together to create a low-fat tropical delight. For more information visit Yogen Früz

Yogen Früz

To help celebrate the Fourth of July, Yogen Früz and Splash Magazines Worldwide have teamed up to give three lucky readers each a $10 Yogen Früz gift card. To enter please follow @yogenfruz and @SplashMagWW and retweet the following: RT & follow @yogenfruz & @SplashMagWW 4 a chance 2 #win 1/3 $10 gift cards #4thofJuly #Giveaway

If burgers and hot dogs are not going to cut it for your Fourth of July party this year, Cousins Maine Lobster will send you the freshest Maine lobster for your party. With meat flown-in daily straight from Maine, Cousins Maine Lobster online store delivers fresh lobster, seafood and various pre-packaged entrees and sides that perfect for grilling up a great meal this Fourth of July.

Live Lobster from Cousins

For the kids at your party Mac & Cheese is always a winner and you can’t go wrong with the Cousins Maine Lobster version that has lobster meat in creamy Asiago and sharp cheddar cheese. Just toss it in the oven and you will have yourself a fabulous gourmet Mac & Cheese. The Cousins Maine Lobster alternative to the stale burgers and hotdogs would be the Lobster Cake Sliders and the Cousins’ famous Lobster Rolls. The Lobster Cake Sliders features 3 oz. lobster cakes topped with sweet heat sauce placed between two perfectly toasted buns. To keep it simple and delicious you can go with the Maine Lobster Tails that are 4-5 ounces each and will be perfect whether you  grill, boil or use the CML butterfly method of cooking. To have it all covered you can just order The Taste of Maine, featuring four 3oz Maine lobster cakes, four 10oz Gourmet Lobster Pot Pies, four 4-5oz Maine lobster tails and a homemade Main blueberry. For more information visit Cousins Maine Lobster

Pizza is always a favorite at any Fourth of July event, the problem is it usually is a delivery version with ingredients that are less than stellar. This year impress your friends by making a pizza with fresh ingredients by using BakerStone's Pizza Oven Box. Transform your Fourth of July backyard event into a gourmet experience as BakerStone’s unique design raises the temperature of outdoor gas grills to that of a real wood-fired brick oven. Not only do you get that amazing wood-fired brick oven texture and flavor with your pizza, you can also use the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box to bake bread and cookies, as well as roasting meat, fish and vegetables while you take all of the credit.

Amazing pizza from BakerStone's Pizza Oven Box

Not only does the Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box allow you to bake and cook like nothing else your kitchen has ever seen, it makes those days of turning your house into an oven when you try to cook something inside obsolete. The Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box keeps all of that heat outside, so you get to bake as much as your heart desires while you enjoy the outdoors and then when you are done you can return to your cool house. The Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box will pay for itself in short order with as it only costs $129.00 and so you can have it in time for your holiday party, you can pick it up at a number of retailers including Bed, Bath & Beyond. For more information visit Bakerstone

Popsicles will make the kids at your party happy and healthy and good for them will make the moms at the party even happier! With Ruby Rocket’s you will make everyone happy. These fruit and vegetable ice pops are made entirely from all-natural ingredients without adding any toxins, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners. Ruby Rocket's come in three flavors; Galaxy Green – kiwi, spinach, and avocado, Rock-It Red – sweet potatoes, strawberries, carrots, and beets and Orbit Orange – oranges, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Your kids will never complain about eating their fruits and vegetables as long as you have Ruby Rocket's on-hand.

Ruby Rocket's

How do you know Ruby Rocket's will please mom and kids alike? Well it was co-founded by Los Angeles mom and award-winning actress Wendy Makkena and her daughter, Ruby. In addition to all of the goodness these two put into Ruby Rocket's, they are also gluten-free, dairy-free as well as being non-GMO. With only 4 grams of sugar and less than 35 calories per pop. That is about as perfect of a popsicle as you will find! For more information visit Ruby’s Rockets

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