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The beer explosion continues across the United States and that means more microbrews, more flavors and simply more detail to producing great tasting beer. Fireman's Brew from Los Angeles has a story that lives up to the name and a trio of beers to go with it. The beer is better than the story, which is saying something because the story behind the beer is pretty good.

Ice Cold Fireman's Brew

Generally beer is created from a love of beer or thinking it is a possible way to make a living and viewing it as a path to something bigger. The backstory of Fireman's Brew is quite a bit deeper and will carry more meaning than your typical brewery. Trying to cool down and relax after an excruciating day of extinguishing a brushfire in the local mountains, two Los Angeles-based firefighters, Rob Nowaczyk and Ed Walker, had a vision to create a premium line of handcrafted ales and lagers that would quench their thirsts after an exhausting day on the fire lines. A trio of beers later and Fireman's Brew rapidly went from a firehouse beer to being carried in 16 different states and that is only the beginning.

Fireman's Brew is composed of three beers; the Brunette (German-style Doublebock; 8% ABV), Blonde (Pilsner-style Lager; 5% ABV) and the Redhead (Amber Ale; 5.5% ABV).

The Brunette would have to be considered the jewel of the beer lineup. Loaded with rich flavor, generally you won't find a hoppy beer that has so much richness to go with chocolate malt to be this smooth, but the Brunette will disappear almost as soon as it is poured in the glass. It goes down that easily and it packs a punch with 8% alcohol content. Perfect by itself or paired with a steak, you will find yourself quickly addicted to the Brunette.

Fireman's Brew at Tom's Urban

For those of you looking for something a little more subtle, the Blonde is a great choice. Light and refreshing, this golden lager was made for a sunny Southern California afternoon. Finally, the Redhead is a red amber ale that walks you through an assortment of flavors due to the wide ranging ingredients that includes; Yakima Valley hops and three different crystal malts. Fireman's Brew has a beer for everyone and they hit the mark on all the brews.

Fireman's Brew also created soda and coffee for those days when you are on duty or you enjoyed a little too much beer the prior day and need a day off. The soda flavors include; Root Beer, Cream Soda and Black Cherry and they also have two coffees, Three-Alarm blend coffee and the False Alarm Decaf.

Fireman’s Brew is committed to giving back to the firefighter community and donates a portion of its proceeds to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmetsburg, Maryland. 

Fireman's Brew certainly has focused on its roots Los Angeles, as you can find their beer all over the City of Angels including Dodger Stadium and at Los Angeles Kings games. But a beer this good needs to be shared and that is what Fireman's Brew is working on and they are currently in 16 states.

If you have not tried Fireman's Brew I wish I could give you a virtual pour through your computer or phone, but trust me when I say tracking down this fantastic brew is well worth your time.

For more information and where to find this fantastic beer, visit: Fireman's Brew

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