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Drumbar Review – Ready to Take the Chill from Your Autumn

By Amy Munice

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Granted, the spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the Hancock Building from Drumbar’s beautiful rooftop terrace may have been a major draw this summer. 



If our sneak preview of the fall menu is any indication, Drumbar’s warm interior is more than matched by innovative mixology with the fall season in mind. 




The only mistake you can make is to walk in the door with a closed mind unwilling to sample the creative cocktails that Drumbar’s mixologists innovate. 



Think cinnamon, smoked agave, mixtures of sherries, soothing egg whites, chocolate bitters and then some. 



These are the types of ingredients that Drumbar’s Chief Mixologist Alex Renshaw is using to take those first chills of autumn air out of the equation. 



They will work for the TGIF after work Gold Coast regulars as well as for the trendier set that arrives after nine PM and stays until 2 or 3 AM or so on weekends to groove to a DJ.  One warning is to keep in mind that each of these drinks, no matter how smooth, comes with a wallop of two to three ounces of alcohol.   Keep your water glass nearby.


Alex and his crew seem very good-natured with that talent for giving service without crowding that people person standouts come by so naturally. 



Alex says the team always tries to keep the focus on you, the customer, reportedly only losing that orientation when the crowd is wall-to-wall and speed trumps chat.   



You may be able to tell that Alex was once an aspiring Improv artist by the fey names he gives to his creations like “Primal Fear”, “Yesterday’s Gone”, or “Back to the Future”.  



Given his gentle manner, these poking fun names are particularly endearing.


This is a before or after dinner spot for sure, as there are currently no food items on the menu, though small plate items are planned for the future. 




If you are meeting someone from match.com or e-harmony Alex says he will be able to spot you and stay away when that first meet sizzles or tactfully step in to spark some conversations to help smooth over awkward moments.


You’ll see tourists at the bar as well, from the Raffaello Hotel below and other Gold Coast five star hotels.



You can visit Drumbar at 201 East Delaware, Chicago:



Monday – Wednesday 5 PM – 12 AM


Thursday, Friday 5 PM – 2 AM


Saturday- 2 PM – 3 AM


Sunday 2 PM - close


Much of the traffic at this 1 ½ year-old spot is from private parties.  The décor is very inviting for such.  You can make arrangements for your party by calling 312 933 4805 or visiting the Drumbar website



Photos of drinks and bartenders in action: Peter Kachergis

All other photos courtesy of Drumbar



Published on Sep 19, 2013

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