Buonamico Wine Estate Tour Review – Come for the Sparking, but don’t forget its Reds, Whites and Rose


In his cute 1970’s VW bug convertible, Montecarlo Mayor Vittorio Fantozzi led the way through the scenic country roads to Tenuta del Buonamico, urging us to sample their award-winning sparkling wine. 



There we joined the throng of one tour group moving in while another moves out of the wine cellars, tasting rooms and scenic patios of the Buonamico Estate



Approximately 9,000 visitors come to Buonamico each year, where tastings are open to all. 



The Fontana family (Dino and son Eugenio), from nearby Lucca and originally in the olive oil business, bought this estate in 2008 from Turin restaurateurs. 


The Buonamico vineyards. Photo courtesy of Buonamico



Today there are more than 35 of its 41 hectares planted with vines, with each year seeing more land added to cultivation. 



The sparkling wines that they are famed for and that the Mayor urged us to try were introduced in 2011.  Soon after, Buonamico built a new cellar to accommodate the special needs of this type production.



Eugenio, who is reported to be an exemplar of web-savvy marketing know-how in keeping with his generation, gave us the tour.  This was a wine cellar that seemed to shout “high tech” as we walked past its tanks.  Each tank is outfitted with electronic continuous temperature monitoring devices. 



While the cement walls of the below grade cellars keep the temperatures cool and relatively constant, Buonamico closely monitors them to ensure that temperatures remain in the 4 – 14 degree Centigrade zone. 


The sparkle of sparkling wine, theirs and others, comes from the addition of sugar and yeast.   Eugenio told us that you can get a Prosecco of sorts in just a week after adding these ingredients.  The Buonamico sparkling wines are aged for 120 or 180 days.  Bottling temperatures are also closely controlled. 



How relaxing to sip and sample various Buonamico wines with Eugenio on one of their patios! 


The vineyard produces 3 sparkling, 1 rose, 4 reds, and 4 whites.  Some of the grapes used in the wine date back to the end of the 18th Century.   Their enologist, Alberto Antonini, is said to be one of the top five in the world.   If you do visit, make sure to taste their Rose, which is made from a different type of grape than the usual. 


Buonamico wines are more widely available in the US than many of the bottles from the smaller vintners of Montecarlo.


For more information visit the Buonamico website.


Tenuta del Buonamico

Via Provinciale di Montecarlo 43

55015 Montecarlo (LU) Italia


(+39) 0583 22038




Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated



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