Bruery Terreux Tasting Room - Always Serving Up a New Taste

Bruery Terreux® craft brewery opened its Bruery Terreux Tasting Room in Anaheim and it pours like a little bit of heaven for any beer connoisseur. The new space is dedicated to the seemingly endless lineup of sours that Bruery Terreux® is quickly becoming famous for.

So many choices

Bruery Terreux® specializes in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales, which seems to be a bit more of innovative than your typical lineup of beer. What that means for you, flavor, flavor and more flavor. You can find cherries, blackberries, lemon, coffee, cacao nibs and even yumberries. Fresh and flavorful ingredients are the cornerstone of the almost endless lineup of beers.

The tasting room

Beer innovation is certainly at a pinnacle right now and sometimes the flavors can be a little overwhelming and when it comes to the sours, that is never more true. If you were going to venture over from a watery mass-produced beer such as Miller Lite, you might want to ease your way in. The Callista Flockout is a great introductory beer, a very smooth dry blonde ale. Once you wet your toes a little bit, you might want to jump into the Or Xata 2016. This beer does give you the taste of horchata, with the cinnamon and vanilla beans bringing a sweetness to the blonde ale. Finally, as your taste buds adjust and you are looking to get a real sense of what a sour is all about Bruery Terreux® offers the Frucht lineup that comes in; apricot, cherry and orange and finally cherry and lemon. Any of these three will really bring your taste buds to life and you will without question get a sour experience to go along with the great fruit flavors in the Berliner Weisse beer.

Beer Flight

What you will grow to love about the Bruery Terreux® Tasting Room is that from week to week you are always in for a surprise, although you might have to wait anywhere from 6 to 24 months depending on the aging process. They can create over 80 varieties throughout the year and when you are in the tasting room you will see the endless line of barrels that are holding your next flavor. When you get into the tasting room, grab a flight sheet, pick out five beers and begin your adventure. Add in the daily visit from a food truck and a beautiful deck that is pure beer heaven when the sun is setting on you and your friends and you will find it hard to leave.

The patio at sunset

While you are never going to run out of beers to try from Bruery Terreux® there are some amazing limited run beers that you can only gain access to with membership. The Preservation Society membership allows you to receive three unique beers each quarter, hand selected by The Bruery to give you a broad spectrum of what they offer. The Reserve Society members receive a selection of beers throughout the year as a part of their membership as well as the opportunity to purchase other small batch beers throughout the year at a discounted rate. When you have the opportunity to taste such beers as the "Chocolate Rain" imperial stout coming in at 19.7% ABV and a powerful and rich flavor you won't find elsewhere, you will quickly realize that the membership is well worth it.

If you are looking to bring some new and unique beers into your life the Bruery Terreux® Tasting Room is a must visit for you. Whether surrounded by oak barrels or enjoying the Southern California weather on the deck, Bruery Terreux® simply is the picturesque beer experience that every beer enthusiast is looking for.

For more information visit: Bruery Terreux®

Visit the Bruery Terreux Tasting Room at 1174 N. Grove St., Anaheim, CA

(Photos courtesy Stephan Martin)

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