American Harvest Organic Spirits Review - 100% American, Organic and Sustainably Produced Vodka

Guests Enjoyed Spectacular City Views from The Sky Bar

On Monday, January 28th, Los Angeles spirit distributers as well as bartenders and bar managers from prominent LA bars and restaurants gathered at the exclusive Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood for the official Los Angeles launch of American Harvest Organic Spirits. Made from organic winter wheat grown on a sustainable American farm, American Harvest is handcrafted in small batches and distilled using water from aquifers beneath the Snake River plain in Rigby, Idaho.  The result is an “All-American” spirit that boasts a distinctive crisp flavor.  Between the organic farming and proprietary blend of ingredients, American Harvest is truly a unique vodka. 

A Short Film Highlighted American Harvest's All-American Origins

This revolutionary vodka is the brainchild of Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc., a third-generation family-run business that is 100% American owned and operated.  Sidney Frank, the father of Grey Goose vodka has re-entered the vodka market with this uniquely American product.  In addition, the company is dedicated to a sustainable approach and to efficient use of raw materials and energy.  From field to bottle, American Harvest takes steps to ensure that they produce a product that is not only of the highest quality but also does not compromise the environment. In addition to adhering to strict organic and sustainable growing practices for all its ingredients, American Harvest also has no artificial additives or preservatives and the American Harvest distillery supports renewable energy resources through the use of local wind generated power.  In addition, all unused materials from the distillation process are used as cattle feed so nothing is wasted or discarded and American Harvest bottles are 100% recyclable, containing no heavy metal and using only organic inks and water-soluble varnishes.

American Harvest's Bottles are 100% Recyclable

American Harvest Organic Spirits are produced using a five step field-to-bottle process, which starts with the growing of organic wheat on a local family-owned and operated farm in Idaho.  After the grain is harvested, it is milled into flour, mixed with water and heated to convert the starch into sugar.  Once cooked, this “mash” is transferred into a fermentation tank where yeast is added and, after two to four days of fermentation, the sugar turns into alcohol.  The fermented mash is then heated to a boiling point with steam by means of a continuous four-column distillation process.  This process not only gives the product its distinctive flavor but also saves energy and resources.  The last step in the process is blending whereby the spirit is blended with Snake River water and a proprietary combination of organic ingredients. It then undergoes a four-step filtration process to ensure purity and finally, the finished vodka is hand-bottled.

American Harvest Vodka on the Rocks

In her welcome speech to the crowd, Eileen Callahan, the Vice President of the Western Division of Sidney Frank Importing said, “Tonight, we unveil American Harvest Organic Spirits but, from this night forward, [exciting things] are going to happen in the industry and in the vodka category.”

Bartenders Poured a Variety of Exotic American Harvest Cocktails

Throughout the evening, bartenders around the room mixed American Harvest cocktails such as “The Southland Fix” created by American Harvest’s corporate mixologist, Todd Richman which is a concoction made from American Harvest, St. Vincent’s Raspberry Gum Syrup, fresh lemon juice, Miracle Mile Forbidden Bitters, pink peppercorn and sea salt.  Richman, who was on hand pouring his signature cocktail, said that what makes him the most proud is that “[American Harvest] is certified organic, it’s American made and the taste is outstanding.” 

Mixologist Todd Richman Serves His Signature American Harvest Cocktail


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