#AdiosAmigo with Dos Equis - The Most Interesting Man’s Coveted Collection Auction and Celebration

The Most Interesting Man in the World may have left for Mars on his one-way mission, but he left behind his Coveted Collection of personal items. In an event to celebrate The Most Interesting Man in the World and Cinco de Mayo, Dos Equis threw a party and auction on May 3rd that was so decadent there had to eyes from Mars staring down with envy at the party guests.

Enjoying a Dos Equis

Auction craziness

Guests were able to earn money by participating in various tasks throughout the night. Who you could take a picture as an astronaut, take part in culinary roulette which consisted of, well you didn't actually know until it was revealed in front of you and you had to eat it. With that money you were given a paddle to bid on the Coveted Collection and the bidding was fast and furious. From a guitar to the finale which was the smoking jacket worn by The Most Interesting Man in the World, the auction provided items that will never be seen again.

Guitar winners!

Bidding Time

Culinary Roulette

The night was filled with plenty of Dos Equis and even more fun and the only thing missing was The Most Interesting Man in the World, but there is no doubt he would have given this party his seal of approval.

Auction Cash

Coveted Collection Auction

Dos Equis Globe

For more information visit: Dos Equis

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