When it's hot outside and you want to cool down, try one of these fresh fruity cocktails to get into the summer spirit.

Choosing the right cocktail can turn even the most casual of evenings into something memorable.  It seems like some drinks are just better suited for the heat than others.  Believe me, no one wants to be drinking a hot buttered rum in the hot summer sun.  But no worries - we have a great list of fruity fantastic solutions.

This is the time when supermarkets become flooded with all sorts of seasonal juicy fruits such as ripe watermelons, exotic star fruits, and plump berries.  Fruits just calling out to be blended into cool liquid sensations.

So don't just crack open some beers; mix up one of these festive, summery drinks instead.  With just a bottle of vodka or gin and a few small extras, you can produce a huge range of fruity concoctions that are devilishly simple to make!

The top ten countdown of 2004's best summer cocktails:

10.) Watermelon Martini
The Watermelon Martini has been a very popular newcomer to the summer scene.
 1 small watermelon cut into matchbox sized chunks
 100 ml (2 shots) of vodka
 4 dashes of sugar

How to mix:
In a shaker muddle (mush) a couple of chunks of watermelon, then add  vodka, sugar  syrup and 2 handfuls of ice. Shake hard, and strain into martini glasses,  garnishing with a wedge of watermelon.

Serves: 2
Serving glass: Martini glass

9.) Traditional Margarita 
The traditional margarita is not the "frozen" version most of us are served at a  Mexican restaurant but rather served on the rocks. If you have not tried the  traditional version you are in for a thirst quenching treat.

 6 tablespoons tequila
 3 tablespoons triple sec
 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
 crushed ice or ice cubes
 lime wedge, and salt

How  to  mix:
If you want to salt the glass, first rub the rim with a lime wedge then dip the rim  onto a plate filled with Kosher salt (a coarse ground salt that adheres nicely to  the glass).

Combine the tequila, triple sec and lime juice in a shaker and mix. Pour into glass  over the crushed or cubed ice.   Garnish with the lime wedge.

Serves: 2
Serving glass: Old Fashioned glass (or margarita glass)

8.) White Wine Sangria
A new version of an old favorite.

 1 large bottle of dry white wine
 1 tablespoon sugar
 1 apple
 1 peach
 1 box or strawberries or other assorted berries
 1 Lemon, 1 Lime
 1 quart club soda
 1 ounce brandy
 1 ounce triple sec

How  to  mix:
Slice each of the fruits very thin.   Combine with the wine and the sugar.  Refrigerate (a couple hours is good - overnight is better). Mix in the club soda  just before serving.  Ladle into wine glasses and garnish with fruit slices.

Serves: 5
Serving glass: Large wine glasses

7.) Tequila Sunrise
Here's a sexy, colorful taste of the tropics.

 1 lime
 2 ounces tequila
 2 teaspoon grenadine
 2/3 teaspoon creme de cassis

How to mix:
Squeeze lime juice into an old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes; drop in the  lime.  Add tequila, grenadine, and creme de cassis.  Stir.  Fill glass with soda.

Serves: 2
Serving glass: old fashioned

6.)  Creamsicle
Want something to remind you of being a kid?

 3 oz. Grand Mariner
 3 oz. Galliano,
 2 splashes of Cream or substitute ice cream for a frozen variation
 Orange Juice

How to mix:
Shake with ice & serve

Serves: 2
Serving glass: Champagne flute

5.) Greyhound
Simple, not to sweet and very satisfying.
 4 oz Vodka
 10 oz grapefruit juice

How to mix:
Pour vodka and grapefruit juice into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Stir  well, and serve.

Serves: 2
Serving glass: high ball

6.) Bloody Mary

Hot like the summer sun.  We say the spicier the better!

 3 oz Vodka
 6 oz Tomato Juice
 2 dash Lemon Juice
 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
 7 drops Tabasco Sauce (or more!!)
 2 celery stalks
 2 large stuffed green olives (try and get some stuffed with jalapenos  or garlic)
 2 Lime wedge

How to mix:
Shake first five ingredients with ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass over  ice cubes. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Add the celery, olives and wedge of lime  and serve.

Servings: 2
Serving glass: old fashioned

3.) Caribbean Cruise
Exotic and sweet - will bring you back to that one summer island   romance.

 1 oz. Meyer's Rum
 1 oz. Dark Rum
 3/4 oz. Tia Maria
 3/4 oz. Cream of coconut
 Splash of Orange juice & Pineapple juice

How to mix:
Put all ingredients in blender and mix with ice. Garnish with a twist.

Servings: 2
Serving glass: old fashioned


2.) June Sparkle
Can't get more summer than this one….

 20ml Strawberry Liqueur
 50ml Fresh Pineapple Juice
 Fresh strawberries

How to mix:
Build ingredients into a Champagne flute
Garnish with a sugar coated fresh Strawberry

Serves: 2
Serving glass: Champagne flute

1.) Mojito
Cuban Rum Cocktail
Pronounced [moh-HEE-tohs] a popular classic of Cuba.   The hottest drink of 2004. Average price is about 12 dollars in trendy bars so why not mix one yourself for less than a quarter of the price! 

 4 ounces simple syrup or 3 teaspoons sugar
 1 lime
 20 fresh mint leaves
 1 cup fresh ice
 splash of bitters (optional)
 3 ounce Rum
 4 ounces club soda
 2 sprig of mint for garnish
 2 lime wedge for garnish

How to mix: 
Juice the 1/2 lime into a tall glass. Cut the remaining lime into quarters.

Or for a less traditional style, take out the bitters and add a couple ripe berries  (raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are all good options) in with the mint.   Mash together and follow directions above.  Garnish with mint and a berry and start  drinking!!

Serves: 2
Serving glass: collins glass (tall glass)

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