Malibu Caribbean Rum Sports a Tropical Trio

If you whiled away balmy evenings with Malibu Coconut Rum last summer, the 2004 season should give you two new reasons to rejoice -- pineapple and mango.


The trusted Malibu name first brought the concept of flavored rum from Barbados to the U.S. with its trademark coconut flavor in 1980. Malibu is still the number one flavored rum in the country, and its spunky new additions should only strengthen the company's hold over American taste buds.


The new flavors were unveiled in May, just in time for summer and Malibu's "easy-going" summer marketing approach. With a smooth 21% alcohol content, these new rums are light in high temperatures, with a tangy twist.


It isn't hard to see how Malibu selected its featured flavors. Mango is one of the fastest-growing flavors in the U.S. and one of the most popular fruit flavors in the world, while pineapple has been a mainstream favorite for decades. Malibu Mango was recently awarded "Best Flavored Rum" at the 2004 San Francisco Spirits Competition.


Natives of Barbados have been producing rum for over 350 years, since the mid-1600's, when rum was called "rumbullion." It was and still is made by mixing fine molasses from Barbados sugarcane crops with pure spring water and yeast to induce fermentation. Most of the world's rum comes from the Caribbean, where the sugarcane crop thrives best. Malibu rums hit American soil thanks to Allied Domecq Spirits North America.


Malibu's Pineapple and Mango rum have zest and smooth summer cool. They play well with other spirits, juices, and sodas, and love to be mixed. Their personalities differ slightly, but are equally appealing; their attitude matches that of their maker -- the summer is no time to be anything but laid-back.


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