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Youngevity Makeup

By Donna Spangler

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My most recent obsession is with Youngevity's Mineral Make-up Line. The lightweight solution provides total coverage and is perfect for all day wear during the spring and summer when you want to keep make-up to a minimum. The all natural, hypo-allergenic, and chemical free make-up is suitable for all skin types especially those who have sensitive skin. I love the loose eye shadows by Youngevity because they are so easy to use and take off. The variety of earth tone colors and smooth application are perfect for achieving an effortless look that doesn't appear to made-up.

When I wear eyeshadow I tend to blend a variety of colors together to make my eyes really pop. This is a great trick for photographs because it can create the illusion of deep-set eyes. Begin by applying some concealer under and around your eyes. Set the concealer with a base shadow (one that closely resembles your natural skin tone). Apply all over. Then choose a dark shade (Youngevity's Pica and Bourdeaux shades work wonderfully if you prefer shadows with brown undertones. Apply this directly above the lid, close to the eye, then blending upwards and outwards. Next, choose a lighter shade (I recommend Youngevity's Norway or Yellowknife) and apply directly above the darker brown shade. Slowly blend together. Finally, I like to apply a white/transluscent shade right below the brow bone. To complete the look, apply a light layer of mascara and line your eyes in a brown pencil.  



Published on Mar 31, 2014

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