What’s the Difference between Liquid, Cream, Mineral Powder & Mousse Foundations? - Who Should Wear What?

What’s the Difference between Liquid, Cream, Mineral Powder & Mousse Foundations? Who should wear what?

FINALLY A Makeup Artist Reveals All!!

Do you ever ask yourself, "Why do they have so many different options of foundations to choose from?" "What’s really the difference between Liquid, Cream, Mineral Powder and Mousse Foundations anyway?"

Here’s The Scoop!!



What: It is mostly water-based, oil-free and lightweight liquid makeup. In addition the texture is silky and smooth to blend with the skins natural color. It has a light to medium coverage and mostly sold with an SPF to provide extra protection from the sun.

Who: It can be worn by all skin types (normal, oily or combination) and all ages. If you have minimal blemishes and scars, it will cover well.

When:  It can be worn on a daily basis day or night. With its medium coverage, it can be worn at work or running errands while giving the face a dewy appearance or fresh face look.



What:  It is an oil-based emollient creamy thick texture makeup with pigment and preservatives. It’s generally waterproof and the thick consistency gives a full opaque coverage.  If you are into concealing every flaw, cream foundation is the way to go. The results are a showstopper.

Who: It can be worn by people who have normal to dry skin. Cream foundation is the heaviest of all the foundations. Its long lasting ability can last up to 8 -10 hours with just a touch up of powder to reinforce the foundation. The age range for cream foundation varies depending on your lifestyle. Recommended ages 25 and up.

When: It can be worn during the day to cover blemishes and scars, it can create a softer daytime look if mixed with a little moisturizer. Cream foundation looks best when paired with your favorite translucent powder.



What: It comes in the form of a loose powder made with finely crushed pure minerals. It contains zinc oxide, antioxidants and titanium oxide. It is very lightweight and gives light to medium coverage.

Who: It can be worn by all ages and skin types (normal, oily or combination). It works very well for acne prone, oily and combination skin. I recommend this type of foundation for teens starting out with makeup or women who like natural organic makeup. This makeup gives medium coverage and absorbs oil found in acne prone teens going thru puberty.

When: It can be worn on a daily basis day or night with its lightweight feel. Amazingly it can be worn 24 hours, as it is free of harsh chemical and preservatives.

NOTE: Some mineral makeups sold are not all pure, so please check the ingredients to find the real ones. RED FLAG ALERT: If it has talc powder in the ingredient, it’s not a true mineral powder. Mineral powder is made to let the skin breathe through, in contrast it clogs pores and creates acne.



What: It is an oil-free liquid makeup that has been whipped to perfection to create a light and airy feel to the touch. Mousse foundation is medium to full coverage; it contains silicone and water to create that velvety powder finish.

Who: It can be worn by all ages and on most skin types. It tends to work best in people with large pores as well as mature skin. Its smooth texture falls into the lines and pores effortlessly to create a flawless appearance.  It tends to works best on oily-combination skin.

When: It can be worn anytime, day or night especially if you’re looking for full coverage without the mess. It’s a sure bet!! In addition it also diffuses the lines in harsh lighting which is great for daytime photo ops and close-up!

NOTE: All of these foundations mentioned can be found in drugstores, local beauty supplies or high-end department stores across the country!


I hope you find this information helpful. So the next time you’re out of makeup and need to replenish, think of these fabulous makeup tips, it will change your life!



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