Wellbox Review - An At Home LipoMassage and LiftMassage Machine

What if I told you for the price you pay for maybe one series of fancy treatments at the spa or surgeons office you could tighten, firm your skin and reduce cellulite in the privacy and comfort of your own home? Would you be interested? Would you be skeptical? Would you want to know details?  My answer was yes to all the above. When I first heard about Wellbox® I was excited and I had to find out for myself what it was and if it worked.


The Wellbox® is a powerful lipomassage/endermologie machine that you can use at home to rejuvenate your face, reshape your body, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is a miniaturization of the two famous LPG patented technologies: Lipomassage & Liftmassage.  It can be used on both the body and the face. When used on the body it releases localized fat targeting the fat and acting like a mechanical endermologie machine found in doctors offices and spas. When used on the face it helps to activate collagen, fight sagging skin, smoothing lines and giving the skin a healthy glow. In a clinical study at the Dermexpert Laboratory inParis, 24 women achieved the following results over an eight week trial, 20% reduction in cellulite dimples, 3.5cm less around each thigh, 53% reduction in loose skin and a 44% reduction in wrinkles.


The Lipomassage function of the Wellbox® is the first FDA approved technique to reduce the appearance of cellulite, it is 100% natural and non-invasive and targets the fat that is resistant  to diet and exercise. Lipomassage is a patented slimming technique that reactivates lipolisys (fat removal) to erase localized fat and imperfections. Wellbox’s mechanical roll stimulation reactivates fat release and the production of collagen and elastin. Micro-circulation is also stimulated, resulting in smoother suppler skin with continued use. This does not require heat, lasers or gels. 

The Liftmassage function stimulates the skins surface increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. It improves skin radiance increases collagean production thus firming skin. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing underlying muscles. The treatment heads are equipped with flaps set in a rhythmic mode to allow micropulsations that boost the fibroblasts activity. Which smoothes out lines firms skin and stimulates micro-circulation. This painless procedure doesn’t require heat, lasers or gels.


We received a review unit of the Wellbox® and I took it home to try it out. My first impression was what a sexy looking machine it was, sleek, smooth and quite sci-fi looking. It was also powerful, and quieter than I anticipated it being. It’s pain free it breaks down cellulite and lifts skin what more can a girl want?


Around the world the Wellbox® has made quite a sensation. When it was first introduced at Harrrods in London it sold out immediately and there was even a waiting list for new units. I’ve even seen a sexier version of it (Harrods of course) covered entirely in Swarovski crystals, it’s beautiful! You can find the Wellbox® at stores such as Harrods, Amazon or Brookstones, or on the company website.


For an at home machine it really delivers. One should expect to get full benefits from its proper use. I also think if you were to use it in conjunction with visits to a professional office the results would be rather remarkable. It is indeed an exciting time when we have such technology available to us especially in the comforts of our own homes. The science and technology are here the rest is up to us.


You can find out more about the Wellbox® by going to their website at www.wellbox.com

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