Want Hair Extensions? - Meet Angelo David the Vera Wang of Couture Hair

Angelo David – The Vera Wang of Couture Extensions


Angelo grew up in a suburb of Westchester county, NY.  He always spent a lot of time in his father’s barbershop.  Angelo worked diligently in the family business, doing everything from shining shoes to sweeping up hair.  He was a troubled kid and was sent away to boarding school and then military school.  Then Angelo chose to go to Hair Dressing/Cosmetology School.  This seemed like an odd choice for a wanna’ be bad boy with a tough attitude.  Yet, hairdressing was in his genes.   His father was a barber, his uncle was a barber, his friend’s fathers were even barbers.


 Angelo was learning about hair care in school.  Here he found a true passion for the business. After only a few weeks in cosmetology school, Angelo realized, “ Wow. This is something I can really get into.”  Of course it didn’t hurt being surrounded by sixty beautiful girls every day.  



A year after finishing school, Angelo went to work with Joe and Louis at VIP Hair Salon in Yonkers.  This was when he really found his calling.  Afterwards, Angelo worked with father for a short stint.  His father was involved in the hair pieces and wigs business and had built a brand.  Angelo David built upon his father’s brand and opened a small boutique salon.  Twenty years later, Angelo David salon is the top salon for couture hair extensions.  He is the Vera Wang of customized, couture Hair Extensions.


Angelo David Hair Salon


Angelo David is a celebrity hairdresser and creates one of a kind extensions for celebrities for red carpet events and talk show appearances. Angelo David salon boasts VIP rooms and wonderful, private consultation rooms in an intimate setting.  This is where the magic happens.  Clients can confidentially consult with Angelo or his team.  Most salons only have one person who does their extensions.  Angelo has a trained team of extension professionals.  Angelo David does a custom job of providing you with the hair additions that work for your needs and your lifestyle.  There are more than 20 different types of Extensions.  Each hair addition is fully customized towards the individual woman.


Premiere Volume Spray party

When you are at Angelo David Salon you will get hair that is customized to the individual personality of the consumer.   They don’t just pull out some hair from a bag like many places do.  Each extension is a couture design.  You would go to Vera Wang to customize your couture wedding gown and Angelo David to design and customize your couture extension.



Hollywood dictates what goes on in fashion.  Hair extensions are no longer a hidden taboo. Consumers now want to know how to get the long, luscious looks of the celebrities they see on TV.  Did you know you can add on 20% more hair up to 150%.  Women might choose to have a short, sassy, trendy cut, but after a month yearn for their long hair again.  You no longer have to wait a year or two for your hair to grow out.  Hair extensions can be added and your hair will be more glowing and bouncy than ever.  Hair add ons can be dyed any color.  They can make your hair look more full and thick and the customer says, “ Bye Bye” skimpy hair.


Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are the ultimate accessories.  Real beautiful quality hair comes from India or Europe, which is the most expensive.  If you have a special event to go to you can buy a clip on hair extension, which will cover the top of your head.  Otherwise adhesive bonds, links or weavings may be done depending on the type of hair you have.  Every ethnicity comes in to get hair extensions at Angelo David salon.  Women’s ages range from 18 to 80 and they come from all over the world to find Angelo David.


Extensions cost from $800 to $6,000.  That’s less than the cost of most plastic surgery.  When you have a beautiful head of hair, you have confidence and the world is your oyster.


***I asked some additional questions that readers might have.

Angelo David’s answers will give more insight.


Extension Maintenance - How often do people come back to maintain the extensions, pieces, clips etc. 


** Maintenance appointments vary with the type of extension you have. Typically, I expect clients to come every 4 – 12 weeks.


Angelo David prepping Hair

Do clients with extensions have to avoid swimming or anything else?


** We put a huge emphasis in customizing hair extensions based from the information we gathered from the initial consultation.  Clients are assured the type of extension chosen will allow them to do their normal activities.  There are do’s and don’ts.  We thoroughly discuss everything with our clients regarding proper maintenance, but those will not prevent them from doing their normal routine.

I got a cost of $1500 to $5,000?  Is that not including maintenance?

The price can range anywhere from 800 to $3500 depending on the type of hair and length desired.  Usually, the average is around $2500. The cost will cover the price of the hair and the first initial visit. The maintenance is a separate, but necessary, appointment to help ensure the couture extension’s longevity.


How long does it take to put extensions in?

Clients expect to be in the salon around 1- 3 hours, depending on the type of extensions they are getting


I know they have to be ordered and come in 6 weeks later.  What is Remy Hair?


It might take a few days up to 4 weeks; depending on the type of hair the clients want.


Remy hair is a type of premium quality human hair where the cuticles remain intact and aligned in one direction, giving the most natural feel and appearance.


What are some different ways extensions are put in?  I know people are curious how it is done


We offer a range of application type for hair extension:  from basic clip-ons (where to custom made are attach using clips) to more intensive processes like linking (where the extensions are connected with the hair using cylindrical links) and traditional weaves. Another method is the use of adhesives, where real hair is sandwiched between hair fillers to boost volume.


Angelo David Salon

48 East 43rd St. (between Madison & Vanderbilt Ave.

New York, NY





Lori Peters is a freelance writer

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