Ultherapy Review - Dr. Adam J. Cohen and The Fountain of Youth

Is there really a Fountain of Youth to slow down the aging process?  I’ve searched Google several times, but there’s no official address.  However, I did learn that the next best thing is finding an experienced cosmetic doctor or Facial aesthetic surgeon who will suggest the best procedures for your face for a fee you’re comfortable with.  This requires research and, hopefully, good recommendations from satisfied former and current clients.

I found that honest, caring doctor.  Dr. Adam J. Cohen did admit that the best way to improve facial contour is the complete facelift.  But I wasn’t interested in that major a procedure, with its downtime, costs and potential for complications.  I jokingly said to the Glenview doctor that I would consider a facelift for my 90th birthday present to myself!

Dr. Cohen suggested the newest approved Food and Drug Administration (FDA) non-surgical, non-invasive procedure – Ultherapy.  That would mean there would be no knives, scalpels, and blood plus no recovery period behind closed doors.  I did my research homework, knowing that Ultherapy wouldn’t change my face completely, but would lift, tone and tighten loose skin on my neck and under my chin over time.  At different intervals, even after six months, I might notice improvements.  That was fine with me.

Ultherapy became my #1 choice on my bucket list for current anti-aging experiences.

After my initial interview with Dr. Adam Cohen, he and his staff agreed to perform Ultherapy in exchange for my writing an honest overview of the procedure for www.lasplash.com and its local e-zines throughout and beyond the U.S.

I decided that I was slightly nervous (a natural response to me and doctors together) as several websites had indicated there might be some discomfort.  I was realistically aware that there would be no instantaneous transformation, but that at the 30, 60 and 90 day markers, I would notice slight improvements. As I’m only a few days out of Ultherapy, I know I must relax and wait a while to note changes as they occur.

After Dr. Cohen put this special ultrasound gel all over my face and neck, it was a unique experience being Ultherapy-ed.  The little machine used the safe energy of ultrasound which simulates the deepest skin layers.  He performed the procedure while watching it on a separate computer screen,  to assure it was reaching the deep-down skin depths to stimulate the collagen.

It did not hurt me or damage the skin’s surface at all. I had taken some over-the-counter pain medication, but, truthfully, that was not necessary at all.

The process takes anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.  I only needed a short Ultherapy session to eventually get the look I want. And guess what?  The procedure did not hurt one bit - at least for me.  I felt a slight pressure and tiny noise, but it definitely didn’t alarm my senses nor make me wince.

Before I knew it, the Ultherapy was complete.  I almost jumped off the table in relief, but realized that would cause more problems than it was worth.  The aesthetician, Aggie Chapsky-Astrella, asked me how I was feeling, and I smiled my ‘ok.’  Aggie took me into her lush beauty treatment room to apply some wonderfully smelling skin lotions and creams.  She then treated me to a lovely make-up application, which was the prettiest way to end the day.

I read that over 100,000 patients have already had this non-invasive Ultherapy around the world.  They believed it would work after the collagen would activate to tighten the skin.  I believe them, and am eager to see my results over time.  It’s a little bit of a waiting time, but I do hope the results will bring me closer to that elusive Fountain of Youth.

For your information, Dr. Cohen’s price for Ultherapy under the chin is $2,000; collarbone to chin is $3,500, full face from collarbone to brow is $5,000

Dr. Adam J. Cohen

Phone: 847-834-0390

Eyelid and Facial Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

2591 Compass Road, Suite 115

Glenview, Il 60026

Photos:Michael Greer Photography



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