The Next Big Trend in Hollywood - Flash Tattoos

As a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Fashion Judge, I am always on the lookout for a new noteworthy trends. The kind that makes us say "OMG! I want!"


Well, let me just say that it doesn’t get any more fab than a Flash Tattoos. You have probably seen the two-dimensional pieces of jewelry inspired by temporary tattoos on celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio. This awesome body art-accessory can typically last four to six days and are very easy to apply. 


Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens


I personally think Flash Tattos are perfect for those Fashionistas who want to wear jewelry to the beach but don't want to lose it or ruin it. 

Chic Arm Candy

On the back


On the wrist

On the back


You may also want to try combining Flash Tattoos with real jewelry for a mix and match look. Just don't get too excited and go overboard and apply them all over the face or get entirely covered in silver or gold foil. I do suggest moderate use since Flash Tattoos are a tasteful way of glamming up your summer look!


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