The lookbag party mixer- live beauty tips from celebrity guru Damon Roberts

Wednesday, March 28th, Alan Mruvka, president & CEO of and celebrity Beauty Guru Damone Roberts’s hosted their monthly “Lookbag cocktail party mixer” and beauty devotees as well as media flocked to RObert's Beverly Hills Salon on Wilshire boulevard.

Daimone Roberts being interviewed by The Look


The Lookbag sample club” originally started as a mixer for Damone’s clients and now welcomes all ladies to join the beauty gatherings to sample new products and become an exclusive member of

It’s very simple: First you come to the mixer, where you can get Damone’s signature eyebrow waxing+ treatment. You can bring a friend or two and get a cocktail while you are waiting your turn.

Then you sign up as a member, there are many different membership options that will suit your agenda and you are ready to receive your reusable look bag filled with carefully selected beauty samples once a month by mail, delivered right to your door- and you thought you needed to order Chinese Food? How about a new beauty regiment?

Back to the mixer at the salon I was guided to a beautician to get my eyebrow treatment and let me tell you it is worth the wait.

It takes about 25 minutes.

1) First tea tree oil, then hot wax is applied generously. The hairs are being waxed off the old fashioned way ladies, no painful threading, just one pull and it’s done, don’t get scared it barely hurts!

2) Then some more plucking and trimming the good old fashioned way, another drink please!

3) A slight temple massage follows and in the end you will get a demo from your brow artist, in my case Maria handed me a mirror and showed me how to draw in my eyebrows with Damone’s Latte eyebrow king and under eye brow pink a boo pencil for precision.

Damone Roberts's signature eyebrow treatment


Next I was guided to the eyelash table, where Make-up artist Asia was busy putting on lashes. Boy, what stamina this girl had, impressive!!

After getting individual lashes put on I could hardly disguise my excitement. I just had realized that Make up was utterly unnecessary, when having perfect eyebrows and thick lashes. I was able to achieve exactly the fresh look I had seen in magazines on celebrities before. Yes! Now I was ready to go on my date.

But before that I went to the beauty sample table and met charming Jennifer Yen, a former actress and creator of pur-lisse, a beauty line.

Jennifer Yen, creator and CEO of pur-lisse beauty line

 The inspiration for this line came from Jennifer’s family’s Chinese herritage, in particular her grand-mother who was able to keep her youthful looks through the use of Chinese herbs.

Pur-lisse products protect against aging, sooth sensitivity and deliver healthy radiant skin using ingredients such as blue lotus flower, lotus lupine 5, white tea, soy proteins and sea silk. The starter kit includes:

1)   pur-delicate, a gentle cleanser

2)   pur-bright serum, for bright, even toned skin

3)   pur-moist, for hydration

4)   pur-protect spf30- a daily moisturizer

5)   pur-eye serum- to hydrate the eye area


There is also an ageless& beautiful jet set kit that includes a slight variation of products.

For more information please see


There was also a Nail table where one could get colorful printed stickers from CAILYN instead of polish. I got to take the snakeskin looking nail stickers home and am looking forward to put them on soon. You just peel off the stickers, place them on the nails and file off the access, really easy to use and very posh looking!!

More info see at

the Cailyn nail station


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