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Teeth Whitening at Home

By Donna Spangler

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Teeth Whitening


Not only do stained teeth make you look older but in today's society, one is often scrutinized if their teeth are dark yellow or stained. There is no reason to put up with having the stigma of stained teeth with some great products out there to alleviate this problem. 

whitening Kit


If you want a fast teeth whitening product that is comparable to a visit to the dentist but costs a lot less money…Try Whitening Lightning's Dial A Smile: Professional Home Teeth Whitening System!  I tested this break through product and it works incredibly well.  


You can use Whitening Lightning in the convenience of your own home.  It is similar to the way professional offices whiten your teeth in that instead of those messy trays, they use the LED light technology.  The directions are easy to understand.  You basically dry your teeth, apply a solution to numb your gums to protect agains sensitivity, apply the whitening gel and then place the LED light into your mouth and let it sit for 20 minutes.  The handy color chart will have you seeing instant results.  The process guarantees anywhere from 1 to 7 X whiter teeth.  You get about 3 whole treatments so each time you use it, it will whiten your teeth even more.  I found my teeth to get about 3-4 shades whiter the first time I used it.  I am happy with these results!   


For those of you who are cautious of various chemicals, Whitening Lightning just launched another version of the kit that uses only natural products whiten the teeth called Dial A Smile: Zero White Professional Home Teeth Whitening System.  The active ingredient in this system is baking soda.  The baking soda combined with the LED light make it too a very effective teeth whitener.  


Both of theses whitening systems are a great alternative to having to go to a dentist's office in terms of convenience, cost and results.  I recommend this product line 100%.  You will be really impressed with your smile after using these products.  For more information go to www.WhiteningLightning.com

Published on Mar 28, 2013

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