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Spa Bowl for the Super Bowl - Create a New Tradition of Pampering, Relaxation With Friends

By Eryn Johnson

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Not interested in the Super Bowl? Gather your friends for the Spa Bowl and enjoy some football-inspired pampering.

From “Polished Pedicure Punts” to a “First-Down Facial,” the Spa Bowl can help guests look and feel better. Guests can even create DIY “Blind-Side Bath Crystals” that will produce the perfect relaxation bath (just in case their significant others weren’t cheering for the winning team).

These Spa Bowl options would be perfect for a dining room or area slightly away from the TV. Grab a bottle of your favorite drink, your closest friends and enjoy these Spa Bowl options:

 “Polished Pedicure Punt”

 “End Zone Exfoliator”

 “First-Down Facial”

“Blind-Side Bath Crystals”

About Epsom Salt

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Published on Jan 25, 2014

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