Soniclear by Michael Todd Review - Ticket to Clear Skin

Soniclear by Michael Todd is a product that has been the ticket to clear skin for many. Its Antimicrobial Protection has lead users to write many reviews such as, “I have spent more than 25 years looking for a product to help me keep my acne and blemishes under control. You name it and I have tried it. Finally I have found it. The soniclear with the Michael Todd skin products have cleaned my skin and I have had no acne for 6 weeks and each day my skin looks better and better. “

What makes the soniclear different is the antimicrobial protection. It is proven that cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush.  Skin cells and moisture remaining on the brush heads between uses can create conditions for bacteria to grow. The soniclear brush heads are treated during the manufacturing process with proprietary lifetime antimicrobial product protection, a soniclear exclusive, which guards against stain and odor causing bacteria.

The antimicrobial protection in soniclear combines silver-based technology registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency and patent-pending natural plant extracts technology. Together all these technologies guard against stain and odor causing bacteria on the brush heads of the soniclear. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial protection will not wash out or wear off for the normal life of the brush heads so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer! Interestingly traditional sonic face cleansing systems don't provide this protection. Plus the soniclear has two brush heads: a fully sonic brush head for facial cleansing and an extra-large sonic brush head for body cleansing.

It is waterproof for use in the bath or shower. More than one reviewer has noted “More than once I’ve forgotten the brush in the shower in a puddle of water. There has been no hint of mold or mustiness suggesting the presence of bacterial growth. To be safe I try to make a habit of removing the brush and drying the device and brush as best I can before I cap it and put in the a dry place to finish drying. Before using it again I always wash it with soap and warm water for good measure because though the brush inhibits microbial growth it does not prevent it.”

The Soniclear’s many attributes: 

NON-SLIP COMFORT GRIPS for increased comfort and to prevent slipping from the user's hand.

SIX SPEED OPTIONS for the speed just right for you: 3 facial brush settings and 3 body brush settings, including a stimulating pulse option. And, Soniclear recognizes which brush head is attached automatically adjusting the speed options based on the brush head used. One reviewer noted I learned that this Soniclear Facial Cleanser has different speeds for different skin types! I think that this is such a great feature because not all skin is the same. I also learned that this brush isn't just for my face! The Michael Todd Soniclear comes with a brush for your face and a larger brush for your body. The Soniclear will automatically know which brush is attached and will adjust to fit that need.

AUTOMATIC CLEANSING TIMER beeps to indicate it is time to move to another cleansing area for even and thorough cleansing. It has a beeping timer on it to let you know that you need to move the brush to a different area of the skin in order to provide the best experience and least irritation. The 2 heads each have 3 different speeds/settings and the unit knows which head is being used when attached.

CORDLESS and rechargeable for up to 35 minutes of continuous use between charges. . One reviewer said ,“I’ve had this brush for over a month and have used it at least once a day since it’s first charge. It has not needed another charge nor shown a loss of power since then. That is an amazingly long charge and very convenient.”

UNIVERSAL CHARGING AND STORAGE CRADLE for convenient storing and recharging.


TWO YEAR WARRANTY makes for years of trouble free enjoyment. “This is an expensive device, however I truly feel you get what you pay for. It is well designed and sturdy and it is USA made. I like how the brush heads are antimicrobial. The bristles are soft, yet effective. I have not had any irritation or redness from using this system. I love using this and suggest you try it if you are in the market for a top quality sonic brush.”

Another reviewer said, “Finally I get to spend some of my adult life with clean skin. Words will never express how that makes you feel but if you have suffered with acne like I have then you will know what it means to have clear skin. OMG thank you Michael Todd and thank you thank you for the organics.”

Finally this really sums it up. “Love this!!  I've been wanting a facial exfoliating brush for a while since I never had one and thought....why not. So I read the reviews and bought one and let me tell u a thing, THE BEST PURCHASE EVER! My skin feels so refreshed and smooth like a baby's bum. Ive had it for about a week and even the lavender spray toner is amazing too! This is a promising line of skincare and I will be buying more in the future!!” You will not go wrong with this product.

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