SKN Bar Review - A Botox Only Bar ... Only in Beverly Hills

This brilliant concept of a Botox Bar - the first ever walk in Botox only beauty destination.  A place where you go to get only Botox, and at the best price, is the brainchild of Beverly Hills, Dermatologist, Dr. Vicki Rapaport.

Dr. Vicki Rapaport - skilled BAR-ista of Botox

Dr. Rapaport, a California native, and the daughter of a Dermatologist herself, must have grown up talking “Botox” over breakfast!  Just like a barista contemplates coffee or a sommeliere ponders wine … Vicki broods over BotoxBotox has now become so casual and common place, that if you take a close look around … you’ll notice even twenty something year olds … partaking! Well, it’s preventive after all … and both women and men in Hollywood do need to preserve themselves … it’s almost a religion … as is Botox at SKN BAR“We’re serious about Botox, so that’s all we do” is their mantra. 

Dr. Vicki Rapaport, has been skillfully administering Botox for over 10 years and some of her clients fly to see her in her Beverly Hills Clinic – all the way from New York.  Vicki says that her patients would come to see her for something completely unrelated and then casually ask for “Botox” – as an “add-on” on procedure … wink …

So, the doctor decided to demystify it – and she does exactly that.  At SKN Bar she explains and educates her patients passionately about the product, Botox … discussing with expertise every step of the procedure. Apparently, even ipads float around with all sorts of Botox information available for the user to browse …

Botox - demystified at SKN Bar



Botox Menu - the best price in Beverly Hills

 And refreshingly, the whole approach is so relaxed that it gives, you,  the potential patient the luxury to decide how slow you may wish to go … so you can just do a tiny bit at a time, that way you can feel completely comfortable and in control.


For more detailed information visit:


SKN BAR currently takes place – Wednesday evenings 6 – 8 pm

and Saturday mornings 10 – 1pm    

at 436 N. Bedford Drive, Suite 306, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

phone: 310. 2 – SKNBAR


SKN BAR - A Botox Only Bar ... Only in Beverly Hills


This is temporarily while … they find an appropriate Beverly Hills, street level location, where you can just pop in just for your Botox between breakfast and shopping at Barneys!

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