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Experiencing Sharon-Lee Brow Wow Eyebrow Treatment

By Georja Umano

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Sharon-Lee Clark has been shaping the eyebrows of well-heeled Australian customers for over 20 years. Now she is planning a launch in Los Angeles to expand her particular style and services.  To accompany the services, she has started her own line of Sharon Lee cosmetics, magnifying mirrors and brushes which she hopes to offer in stores such as Bergdof Goodman this year.


Eyebrow Emporium in Sydney

Sharon-Lee’s specialty is the Brow-Wow. This is a spa treatment where she or one of her senior brow stylists explore the client’s face as an artist and determine what would be the best type of brow to improve her facial qualities, enhance her beauty and her youth.   For many that means a heavy tweezing so that the light can shine through their brows, as well as waxing. Another component of the technique is the color of the brow. She uses tints and stains and sometimes bleaching to achieve the perfect tone. She generally feels that many people look better with lighter brows. The point is not to have the brow stand out, but to have it enhance the eye in the best way possible.  Often her sculpting ends up making the brow look longer. To implement her work, Sharon-Lee has made available long lasting eyebrow gels in different shades.  


SharonLee Cosmetics

Sharon and her entourage were in town for but a few days in February. I was one of the lucky ones who had a chance to visit firsthand and to experience what the brow-wow was all about.  She set up her spa in a beautiful suite of the Residences at W Hollywood. There were champagne, coffee, gourmet snacks and chips available.  The team had set up two working massage-tables in the well windowed suite, so all were awash in natural light.  Various guests had set appointments and there was a steady stream of young women coming and going during the time I was there.


When I heard her say that those with grey in their brows might need a total bleaching of brows before application of tint I felt a bit nervous. Why hadn’t I plucked those few nasty grays before I got there?  But not to worry, I was told. My grays did not fall into the important zone where they were part of the main brow.  However, in my case, she felt the color of the brow was the most important thing. 


AFTER shot

My brows are not bushy so did not need much in the thinning out arena. But Sharon felt that a shade with more yellow in it to match my skin tones (which are light olive) would improve my look more than the dark brown I have been sporting.  I was game, as long as my visage was not dramatically different. (After all, I had recently sprung for some new headshots and did not want them immediately outdated!) Also, as a more mature woman I have spent time over the years cultivating my look and not necessarily surrender it all to a new beauty guru on the block.  However you can see from the before and after pictures I have posted, the change is subtle.  I am getting used to it and think I like it.

I received a goody bag with eye brow gel (not the color recommended) and lip gel. The products can be purchased on line. Products and services are in the high price range ($300 for Brow Wow, $70 for eye gel). They are beautifully packaged with slate and crystal. My favorite is that they are said to be cruelty free.



Georja Umano is an actress/comedienne and animal advocate.



Published on Feb 27, 2012

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