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Niki Foy owner of Salon Beauty Bar

Niki Foy, this interesting hairdresser specializes in making your hair fabulous. The owner of the cute and popular Salon Beauty Bar located in the heart of Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd has a talent like no other for cutting and styling hair. She has taken being a hair stylist to a whole new level. Going through some of the most advance training to learn her craft. Niki Foy originally got a master’s degree in exercise physiology. As a child she can’t quite say she knew she wanted to be a stylist when she grew up, and due to the fact that growing up her parents had a plan for her to go to college that’s what she focused on. But when she looks back at pictures and her parents stories, when she was a little girl she used to do her friends hair and tried to get them to pay her, also saying she used to dress her little brother up and style him cause she didn’t have any sisters. One day when passing a beauty salon while living in Europe she says she knew from that moment that’s what she wanted to do and after a while she realized it’s something that has been in her all her life.

Fransisco Diaz Salon Beauty Bar and Loreal Worldwide color specialist

Salon Beauty Bar Color specialist Jennifer Shedrock

Although she has a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and isn’t working in that field, she says she wouldn’t change that experience for the world. Being a hairstylist is what Niki was meant to do. Niki Foy has an impressive clientele where she has had over 400 regular clients that came to her on a regular basis from the Midwest. Since moving to LA Niki has a growing clientele, she is focused on building a team of talented stylist to make her shop top of the line. Training and hiring some of the best. Francisco Diaz an International Colorist for L'Oreal Professionnel, her cut and blowout queen Gabriella DeKay, color stylists, Jennifer ShedrockHallie Dunbar, Cassie Swain, Katy Sander and shop assistant Tenecia Harris. It takes a team to build something great and that’s exactly what she did, Niki has built a team of professionals. Niki Foy also trains hairstylist and has classes in her shop. The shop is full of good energy and lots of laughs. On top of that Niki Foy keeps her shop classy. Giving VIP treatment to first time customers with a complimentary glass of champagne or wine when you come in to get your hair done.

Salon Beauty Bar Cut and waxing specialist Gabriella DeKay

Salon Beauty Bar

Something else also great about this shop the prices are reasonable but the perks are even better. First time customers can come in and get $20 off their first cut also receiving a complimentary eye brow wax. Haircuts range from $69 to $89 dollars sometimes more depending on the cut, which is well worth it due to the fact the Niki is a master cutter. Making sure that she gives a beautiful unique cut that leaves your hair looking full bodied and the growth after your cut is incredible. Niki Foy is a must try at least once in a life time type of hair stylist. My first time visiting this beautiful shop located on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks I had a great time. All of the stylists were so inviting and kind. I remember being super nervous as I am one of those types of people that does not like to use different hairstylist. I’m very particular when it comes to someone doing my hair. I don’t trust many but Niki made me feel comfortable, and after only a few minutes I felt like I had been going to this shop for years. I went in for a cut and color very nervous but knowing Niki's history I trusted that I would be okay and the results were fabulous. Salon Beauty Bar's L'Oreal Professionnel Color expert Frank Diaz mixed me an amazing unique color infused with red and purple making it the perfect fit for me. Then Niki finished me off with a fierce hair cut that I loved.

Cut by Niki Foy Color by Frank Diaz new style

Fully Stocked

There are a lot of hairstylist in the world but there are few that you can actually trust and relate to. There are few stylist that make you feel comfortable and like they actually care about your hair not just a style. That is the impression you get when you visit Salon Beauty Bar. What I love about Niki is her personality. She shared a lot about herself with me, especially her love for what she does. She bring that talent that anyone would want in their hairstylist. A down to earth, friendly person with a great personality that has a gift for making hair fabulous. To learn more on Niki Foy and Salon Beauty Bar or schedule your appointment visit the Salon Beauty Bar website.

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