Resvology with patented 4-AR Molecule Review - Your Skin Deserves the Best!


I recall reading an article a while back that in France, women touted that they spare no expense on cosmetics because "they view the price of beauty as an investment" when it comes to purchasing high quality products. And I think they're on to something.  After all, what price can you put on your face?    I don't know about you, but I came from the era of Yardley soap and Bonne Bell.  (Soap on your face!?  Sacrilege I say! You're not doing that are you?)


With the advances of today's labs and "non-surgical face lifts" along with stores like the great black and white one as prevalent as a Starbucks  (You know the one.  You probably have the app)  and others dedicated entirely to keeping us beautiful, is it any wonder that the best of the best has finally arrived?



Enter Resvology, the result of over 10 years research.  This miracle worker is the only skin care of its kind formulated with a patented "4-AR Molecule" which I'll try and explain in terms even I can understand!  It all starts with "Resveratol"  (hence the name Resvology, remember?) . Resveratol is a key antioxidant found in red wine, and b'leve it or not also peanuts and peanut butter.   Well, dear beauties, since we can't all sit around drinking red wine and eating peanuts, (well maybe just on the weekend?) nor does it sound like the best beauty solution diet, Resvology has pioneered the use of the “4-AR Molecule” and other key ingredients included in their patented recipe "proven to activate over 85 key skin-related genes."  Not only that, but their consumer usage study promises 100% smoother more nourished skin, with 95% consumers agreeing that their skin was restored and healthy resulting from an actual Consumer Usage Study. Whew! Among other awards, Resvology captured both the New Product Showcase Award and the 2013 HBA SPLASH at HBA Global Expo and Conference.



Here in Sunny Cal I recently realized that we live in a desert, don't we?  The weather may be great, but you'll be paying for it in later years “maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life!*”(“Casablanca” circa 1942), Even Rick from “Casablanca” knew the results of sun damage if you don't arm yourself with the best products.  It's like a bad relationship.  It didn't get that way overnight, now did it?  


What better reason than to use this innovative product?  Not only that, but your friends will envy how luxuriously expensive the containers look so proudly gracing your bathroom counter in beaming silver and glass.  And surprisingly, these beautifully designed containers cost no more than the average priced skincare you'll find in those other stores I almost mentioned….And yet, the creams have a thick silky texture, and feel amazingly soothing on my skin.  I'm addicted to their creamy moisture my skin craves morning and night.  I love the rich texture of the Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatment and how it absorbs into my skin and softens my lines.   And ditto the way the Age Corrective Eye Cream smoothes out my fine lines and minimizes puffiness and dark circles.  It's decadently good and yet not fattening!  The staff at Resvology takes their loving care a step further by packaging their products in those state-of-the-art fancy sealed air resistant containers so you really feel like the product is extra preserved and special.



Their products range from skin care to cleansers which work together to maintain your beautiful complexion. Soon to arrive are masks and body treatments too! products are currently available online or you can pick them up locally at the Santa Monica Fred Segal store.



I'm the first to share a great beauty secret with my friends.  And in an ever present search for that eternal fountain of youth, I may have found it here with Resvology skin care!


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