The Real Science of Anti-Aging & the Cellulite Wars Review - Back to That Beautiful You with No More Dimples!

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I’m an average woman, who has been fighting cellulite for 40+ years!   In a 3-way mirror, I was the thunder thighs girl who felt defeated at 16.  I now say, Game Over & We Win!

Finally!   It is simple, safe and with time, astounding.  Who would have thought that in a matter of months your appearance could be Beautiful?  Get your legs, arms and love handles back to a smoother, firmer, tighter version of…. THAT BEAUTIFUL YOU!

Can I buy it NOW?  Yes, at   go to  Purchase Product 

Can I get more information?    Read on…

FIRM up Now!  But, is it REAL?  Yes.  This is the REAL science story that begs the question… what if?  What if this is real and it works for me too.   If you are longing for the firm, smooth and tight skin you once had you can bet you're not alone.  Thousands have tried FIRM and love their results.  Now you can take your own personal pictures and create your own story with a BEAUTIFUL ending.

New in April to the American market, this latest product offering has been heavily studied, tried and patiently timed for release as the next stellar addition to our skincare line. 

The company established significant market share with its initial offering of an Anti-Aging blend founded on this First-In-Class Compound.  The results are jaw dropping picture worthy!

At the core of this discussion, the results were measured by 3rd. party clinical trials documenting change with instruments, images (and for me) unsolicited compliments!   

What is it~ this new FIRM? It is a highly effective topical dermatological cream primarily formulated with the ‘Worlds Only Patented Anti-oxidant.’   This botanical extract is known now as NAE-8 and along with a Peptide Matrix, Caffeine, White Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Forskohlii Root Extract, it makes war against the appearance of cellulite.  The Contouring Cream will smooth, tighten and smooth.

Ultimately it contains ‘The Breakthrough NAE8 Molecule’ that will continue to earn its way into your home, addressing one dermal issue at a time.  Put into various formulations, they will roll out these new products over time.  Bring it on~I know!  So stay tuned.

In year one with it’s first formulation for Anti-Aging, the biotech medical discovery lead to over $100 million in revenues. That more than doubled year two and new projections shatter every sales record in both the cosmetic industry as well as the broader based direct sales space.    

For you and me, it is a simple yet amazing answer to the 3-way mirror horror story without a prescription, needles or surgery.

Remember being a kid?  Have a sleeveless summer!

Who’s behind this breakthrough and marketing partnership? 

An elite research group seeking cures for cancer and other serious illness, lead to a patented process developed to produce new molecules.  Numerous Universities, Biotech Companies and well know medical institutions tirelessly and at great cost pursued new compounds to unlock answers, cures and treatments for often deadly illness and disease.  

While this molecule was not the cure for skin cancer, it was the stunning advance that now produces real results in multiple skin concerns affecting all of us from aging to dozens of other serious or just unsightly challenges. 

This could have ended up at a price point north of $300 an ounce, but bringing the number one consultant to the direct sales industry in partnership with the researchers resulted in a preferred rate substantially lower, in fact a fraction of that cost.  Good partners lead to good deals.

Successful science researchers finding that oh so rare ‘First in Class’ and ‘World’s Only’ was then matched in caliber, with the top industry expert in personal development and market building…aka ‘The Millionaire Maker.’ 

The Science A-Team meets the Marketing Dream-Team with a global intention. 

Really, could this product be so different?  The number of products or procedures effectively battling Cellulite is few. There are lasers that freeze fat cells but the equipment is costly ($25k) and the multi procedure purchase pack to clients is also very pricey.  A scant number of topical creams produced insignificant results that most consider a futile effort.

So different yes   1.)  It actually does work and 2.) It is extremely affordable and 3.) It is easy to get and use. 

How do you apply it?  The cream is easily applied and massaged into skin each morning after you shower and at night before going to bed.  Legs, upper arms, love handles etc.


What’s it like?  It is smooth and silky to the touch.  Not in any way greasy or oily.  It feels nourishing going on and seems to absorb quickly.   It has a light and pleasant scent and will not slow you down getting dressed or affect your clothing or bedding.  Get ready to get attached! 


How long will it take?  I guess it depends on your start point-

I have a friend that is married to an OB-GYN that now often caters to cosmetic interests. Initially she said not to get to hopeful because basically nothing improves on the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks- the skin is thick and nothing produces meaningful change.   

Well, my own picture is a great start point! 

I will be a better judge of the product by the end of summer, but from May 1 to Jun 5th. I can see which leg it is working on. 

I wanted a real comparison so I did it on just one leg.  I don’t recommend this…. but I simply wanted a true picture without a difference in lighting or camera angle!   Do you agree my work in progress is showing real progress?


Will it help improve the appearance of Stretch Marks?    The picture says yes- so please check back as more results are shared through this platform.  If you are one to care, perhaps you will be one to share!   Try it today.

My guidance?  Get started right now!  While you are waiting for your FedEx delivery…. take very careful measurements and pictures before you even open the box and document the journey.  Chart the advances made every 30 days for say 6 months and then reconsider shorts, swimsuits and sleeveless everything! 

Order any of these products at a PC, Preferred Customer rate!  With a money back guarantee and access to your own account, if you auto-ship your order you pay no more than employees and distributors.   Have the product delivered every month so you never run out or have to remember to place new orders.  You can cancel at any time. The full retail price for FIRM is $98 while the PC price is only $70 or double that and get two for $120.

Go for it and be ‘That Beautiful You’ this summer!

Making Life Better… Try it now.  Did I mention that there is a money back guarantee?  Because remember, it is REAL! 

Call 713-225-5528  (713-Call Kat) for help in ordering.


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