PREMIER CLINIC Review - Malaysia's trusted medspa

There come those serendipitous moments in life when you stumble onto a beauty secret that's such a gem it's hard to keep it under wraps. A spa that offers amazing service along with cutting edge treatments and has you looking forward to the next visit? Well if you haven't quite come across such a fortunate find, the PREMIER CLINIC is waiting to be discovered!

The clinic was founded by Dr Chen Tai Ho, a pioneer in Kuala Lumpur's aesthetic medicine scene. Dr Chen Tai Ho has long gained a name in the beauty fieldas well as being a contributor of beauty news in the Malaysian media.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the PREMIER CLINIC is a one stop beauty destination offering an extensive menu of medspa services.

From pigmentation treatments, injectables, hair growth treatment, stem cell therapy, micropigmentation, anti-cellulite treatments , anti-ageing, skin lightening, fraxel therapy, scar, tattoo, melasma and keloid treatments as well as a variety of lasers that target everything from pore size to hair removal.

To be succinct if you're searching for the latest beauty trends, it's quite likely that the PREMIER CLINIC offers it.

But the tools and technologies alone aren't what impress at this medspa destination. It's the skill and care of the doctors and staff that makes a visit to this medspa worthwhile.

The PREMIER CLINIC has branches in the higher end residential area known as TTDI as well as the bustling, commercial districts of Bangsar.

I visited the branch in the popular shopping district of Bangsar Baru. The colorful shopping area is all abustle with boutiques, cafes and restaurants that line this colorful district . When I entered the intimate quarters of the PPREMIER CLINIC, when I was greeted warmly and welcomed in by the staff.

Although the clinic was humble in size, I was soon to have a wonderful experience there. I would begin my visit with a SILKPEEL facial followed by a modest injectable treatment of the filler, JUVEDERM.

JUVEDERM is a smooth consistency hyaluronic acid gel that is injected to gently add volume to the face. This would give my face a light refresher that would be minimally invasive, offering immediate recovery while leaving me looking like I just took a 2 week vacation!

My therapist very kindly began by serving me a hot drink and even bringing me a couple of aspirin as she saw that I was running a slight temperature. I very much appreciated the care and concern she exhibited. Then I was taken to the treatment chair and prepared for the SILKPEEL session.

If you've never heard of SILKPEEL, it's a breakthrough treatment described as a 3-in-1 advanced Dermalinfusion technology. It simultaneously EXFOLIATES, EXTRACTS and INFUSES, delivering radiant and rejuvenated skin.

In simple words it's a microdermabrasion treatment coupled simultaneously with a serum infusion. It is said to effectively plump the skin by 70%.

In fact, the SILKPEEL is said to be the only face and body skin-resurfacing treatment that gently yet effectively exfoliates damaged skin cells and delivers a serum infusion thaT treats a variety of skin concerns.

Because I was travelling in a few days following the procedure, I asked for the mildest intensity treatment. Similar to a facial, it was a relaxing experience. I did not feel any discomfort at all. In fact I quite enjoyed it.

Being pressed for time, I was also happy to note that it did not take long ( under 30 minutes) and yet was able to leave my skin looking significantly rejuvenated. Voila!

Then came the next stage of my visit. The injectables! Injectables or fillers are cosmetic medicines such as hyaluronic acid that plump the skin, add angles, soften features and freeze the hands of time. Brilliant !

Given that every syringe of fillers ranges anywhere from US$400 to $800 depending on the brand, I was limited to 1 syringe on this visit.

The doctor who came in to perform the procedure was friendly and attentive. De Nigel Ong was not only personable but diligent during every step of the procedure.

He studied my face and asked what I was looking to improve. I knew I was asking for a lot despite only having one syringe to work with. Very gallantly, Dr Nigel Ong said that he would do his level best to deliver a rich result whilst using a single syringe.

He began to study my face with great care, strategizi ng how he would make the single syringe of juvederm go the longest way.

And then he began to unleash his artistry !

In a few quick strokes, he whipped the juvederm syringe across my face. The pin pricks of the needle were short and quick. Thankfully! Before I knew it, he was done.

And honestly I was impressed.

With the small amount he had to work with he was able to plump out shadows beside my lips and fill in my lower eyelids! Truly exceptional skill and artistry was needed to create such an effect. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I loved the result. He delivered an enhancement that was subtle yet entirely refreshing!

Isn't that how every beauty treatment should be ?

The good doctor shared that the PREMIER CLINIC regularly sees clients flying in from around the world to partake of their services. From the wealthiest echelon of clients who fly in from China and the Asia Pacific as well as its European visitors who have discovered this gem of a medspa amidst a holiday in Malaysia.

The PREMIER CLINIC lives up to its name. The proof is in the pudding! The results their doctors deliver have truly set the bar in the region.

Note: For the immaculate socialte who desires to look perfectly coiffed at all times, there is a private dressing area that clients are ushered to after each treatment.

 Although it is advisabke not to wear any makeup following a procedure, the medspa has provided mineral make up and hair tools for those who need a quick touch up.

 And when that treatment is over, it's the perfect time to head out to the cafes and restaurants in the Bangsar Baru, to celebrate your new look!

The gregarious team at the PREMIER CLINIC bid me a warm farewell. And I must admit, I was so well taken care of, that I'm looking forward to seeing them again!




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