Organic Male OM4 Review – Skin Care Made for a Man

Taking care of your skin if you are a man has for the most part not been a big priority and for those who do take pride in it, finding the product to do the job an be a challenge. It has become an even bigger job with stress, poor air quality as well as the sun, which is why the product line from Organic Male OM4 is perfect, it takes care of your skin and takes the thinking of it.

Organics are growing in popularity, but most people tend to see this in your grocery store. But when you think about it if you realize the benefits of eating organic food, think about the impact that any skin product will have on your body as they are absorbed into your skin. Just the way you digest food, your skin digests what you put on it.

Organic Male Dry Collection

Organic Male OM4 gives you a product that you know will be safe on your skin, now you might wonder why you need four products to clean your face. This is much more than washing your face, the first step is to wash, but they take the process much further. Step two is to Balance, step three is to Bioactivate and step four is to Defend. Washing your face seems obvious, the balance product you use after shaving to provide a calming and naturally disinfecting pH balancer. The Bioactivate might sound a little odd, but this is really going to help feed your skin as this serum is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Finally the Defend, well simple enough, your skin has to face a lot of obstacles throughout the day

You can get a sense for the time and development that went into the Organic Male OM4 line by the fact that they actually have 21 products to make sure that they accurately address the needs of sensitive, oily, normal and dry skin. As someone with skin that is oily I have always had an issue trying to take care of my skin and find that balance between keeping my skin clean and fresh looking without drying it out. That is the magic of this four step process, by going through each step and using the appropriate products for your skin type, you are left with a very fresh, clean and natural feel. Using Organic OM4 is really the only way to start your day.

Organic Male Oily Step

The most important part of the Organic Male OM4 product line is that they realized these products are for men. Of course it is for men, it has male right in the name, the problem with most other products that are geared towards men, do not actually have men in mind when they are created. Most male products are actually based off formulations that are used for women. The problem is that men actually have different skin and can't be treated their skin as you would a females skin. Men have thicker and oilier skin and it is also more sensitive than a womans skin. Finally men also have higher incidences of skin cancer. Organic Male OM4 took all of this information into consideration when they created this amazing product. If they took all this time to create this for your face, then four easy steps is certainly worth your time to take care of your face.

You noticed that step two was to Balance your skin after shaving and we don’t want to waste all that love you are giving to your face by using a typical shaving cream to do take care of the most painful part of taking care of your face. Organic Grooming by Herban Cowboy has created an organic shaving cream that is the perfect choice when it comes to shaving.

The shaving cream is an aloe based formulation that also contains lavender and peppermint and is combined to create a cream base that is will make you think moisturizer rather than shaving cream. After one shave you will always choose Herban Cowboy over any of the traditional synthetic based commercial shaving products that you will find in most stores. This is another product line that took the time to do it right. They have several cosmetic chemists who helped develop these products and their speciality is creating non-synthetic based personal care.

Herban Cowboy also has an assortment of deodorants, an after shave balm that is free of dyes, alcohol and harsh synthetics and bar soap. Another great product line to make sure you put to use everday.

Herban Cowboy Shaving


Summer is approaching and this is the time of the year when you have to really think about your skin with all of the time you will be spending outdoors and the damage that the sun can do to your skin. Sunscreen is a must and again going organic will give you a more piece of mind when it comes to what you are putting directly on your skin and Sunbow has taken sunscreen organic.

Sunbow is a sunscreen line that is aimed at kids, with characters such as SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer adorning the packages, and while you will feel great about applying this to your kids when they hit the beach, don’t be afraid to use it yourself. Sunbow uses micronized Zinc Oxide formulas to provide a strong UVA/UVB barrier and my favorite part is they do not use chemical actives such as Oxybenzone or Octinoxate that are found in many sunscreen products you normally purchase.

The Sunbow sunscreens are manufactured using state of the art technology by one of the top manufacturers of health and skincare products in America. Every Sunbow product is water resistant, sprays in color but dries clear, hypoallergenic, paba free, pediatrician recommended and tested. So while this is geared towards kids, they have an adult fan here. It doesn’t really matter what the package looks like if it protects your skin and Sunbow does just that.

You have to remember that your face is always what people see first and taking care of it should be a top priority for you. Not only to keep those little wrinkles from showing up faster than you want them to, but also just for the general health of your skin. Don’t be afraid to venture away from store shelves when making purchases and remember that some of the best products are not the ones that are advertised during football games.

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