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Dr. Richard Benveniste is a top periodontist who has served three terms on the California State Board of Dental Examiners. In addition, he has also served as the regional chairman of the American Cancer Society. Practicing good dental hygiene is a reflection both our internal health and our external beauty. The mouth is interconnected with the whole body and poor mouth hygiene is symptomatic of other diseases in the body. We may not realize it, but the most beautiful part of your face is your mouth because it is connected to our lips, our smile, and eating.


*Question: Why is periodontal health so important?

Dr. B: The mouth is the pathway to the entire body

*Question: What are some diseases that are strongly related to dental health of the mouth?

Dr. B: Besides Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, lung disease and a strong link to Alzheimer's have been linked to dental health. In recent years there has also being a strong correlation to some cancers including mouth cancer and a possible link to many other cancers of the body shown by university research and studies.  The bacteria in your mouth travel throughout your whole body so all of this makes sense in terms of origination.  If your mouth is infected it affects the rest if your body.

*Question: What is the best way to prevent periodontal disease?

Dr B: The best way is to floss and brush daily. Also having regular periodontal check ups is most important because periodontal disease is not something you can feel until it is too late.

*Question: What are the signs that one should be very careful to identify

Dr. B: Well, early indications can include but not limited to: sour taste, bad breath, bleeding gums, loss of energy, headaches, shifting teeth, and clicking jaw joints.

*Question: What are the treatment methods?

Dr. B: A basic cleaning out of the infected gums to prevent swallowing of the infection which also makes the mouth more acceptable on interpersonal basis

*Question: Is much pain involved by using needleless anesthetic delivery

Dr. B: Treatment could be completed easily without discomfort and a patient can usually go back to work the same day

*Question: What are the costs involved?

Dr. B: Treatment depends on what the patient wishes to accomplish ranging from just a basic infection removal and advance cases, bone filling procedures can also be offered when needed each case is individual


To find about more information about Dr. Benveniste’s practice you can visit his site at www.yourgums.com or make an appointment, 818-881-7337.


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