Number76 Hair Salon Review - A touch of Japan in Malaysia!

Number76 Hair Salon - photo by Sarah F.


The bright lights of downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia open up to an array of stores of every nature. From bargain basement deals to luxury name brands. A variety of extremes including elegant cafes and restaurants, highlight the streets of Jalan Bukit Bintang.


The elegant Starhill Gallery is one of the highlights of Jalan Bukit Bintang


Intermingled with this shopper’s paradise is the elegant Starhill Gallery that lies across from the famed Pavilian Shopping mall. It was in this buzzing and vibrant location that I discovered one of the branches of the Japanese born, Number76 Hair Salon. This prestigious salon is recognized at the leading Japanese hair salon in Malaysia.


I spy Number76! - photo by Sarah F.


Truth be told, I’ve always been a fan of visiting the Starhill Gallery because of its graceful, luxurious feel as well as it’s quiet relaxed indoors. It’s a welcome respite from the buzz of the busy city outside. Plus the elegant coffee shop in the lower floor is a real treat and worthy of a visit.


Minimalist and crisp lines true to it's Japanese culture - photo by Sarah F.


But today, my mission was an upgrade in my appearance. My aim was set on a brand new and improved hairstyle! Because my hair tends to grow very quickly, my long hair now looked more like a tangled, lion’s mane. On top of that, the last time I had my highlights done was several months ago and my lengthy, black roots were a glaring testament to this.


And so I headed up to the 3rd floor where I spied the modern Number76 Hair Salon. The salon is reflective of it’s Japanese culture, with white, black and grey décor against minimalist lines.


I was greeted by Jeddy who is a senior stylist at the salon. His assistant as well as others in the salon, welcomed me warmly and offered a hot beverage of my choice. I chose the most exotic choice, mango passionate fruit tea! Part of the fun of visiting hair salons are the little details like delicious hot beverages and the wonderful scalp massage that comes with a shampoo!


Amanda who is from the media team is the young girl I had liased with prior to my visit. She stopped by to welcome me to Number76 and ensure that all was well. I was grateful for her time and the care she was investing in my visit.


Then it was back to the hair transformation! Jeddy then began to study my scalp & hair to ascertain the best means to treat and style my hair.


A dismal before pic. My hair needs help! - photo by Sarah F.


What drew me to the Number76 Hair Salon, is their keen emphasis on scalp treatments. Treating the scalp is key to understanding and maintaining hair health. The condition of the scalp determines the strength, volume and growth of the hair! Keeping the scalp clean is like getting a facial or exfoliating treatment for your face. Truly a must, in order to reveal it’s best condition.


Unfortunately, because of our crowning glory, we often can’t “see” the scalp. And so it does not demand our focus. As a result, little attention is given to it in general. Often the regular salon client tends to ask for a treatment that strengthens and adds shine directly to the hair. Indeed treating the hair directly gives a great immediate effect. Yet, treating the scalp is the true key to gaining that luxurious mane of shiny hair in the long term.


The Number76 Hair Salon is home to several winning scalp treatments. But they emphasis 2 aspects of treatment.

CLEANSING – Some treatments focus on a deep cleansing of the scalp. The Milbon Plarmia is effective for this purpose.

NOURISHING - Whilst other treatments pour into feeding  & nourishing the scalp. This opens the follicles and feeds the follicles of the hair, resulting in stronger roots and thus thicker more voluminous hair. The name of this particular treatment is the Shiseido Adenovital.


A recommended Japanese hair serum - photo by Sarah F.


Note: A thorough scalp massage along with the aforementioned scalp cleansing & tonics will aid the circulation of the scalp for the best effect. So don’t forget to include a regular massage regimen for your hair to keep it healthy.


A tip for your homecare routine: Even a short massage delivered by yourself on a daily basis will boost the health of your scalp. Simply rub your scalp using the soft pads of your fingers for a couple of minutes. You will begin to feel a slight warmth in your scalp that is a result of increased blood circulation.


Supplements: Supplements such as biotin, iron, vit B, omega oils and MSM are also recommended to maintain healthy hair.


As the staff at Number76 suggested, scalp treatments are not a one-off affair. Treating the scalp monthly is ideal to keep hair healthy, strong and shiny. In fact this would encourage stronger hair follicles. The thicker your hair is, the less it needs maintenance because fine hair is easily prone to frizz and breakage. A little investment in your scalp goes a long way!


I found my stylist Jeddy to be diligent and focused on the job at hand and delivering the best possible result. . And so the consultation began. I appreciated Jeddy’s attention to my concerns. He took note of what it was that I wanted and offered suggestions that matched what I wanted. This is definitely a quality that I look for in a hairstylist.


Jeddy studies my scalp - photo by Sarah F.


We decided that I would have the Tansan sparkling scalp wash for the basic cleanse of the scalp, following by the treatment for an even more thorough exfoliation and cleansing of the scalp

Jeddy, very deftly began the process of my hair transformation. It would start with a foundation of deep cleansing the scalp after which he would proceed with highlights. That sounded good to me!


My stylist Jeddy - photo by Sarah F.


Jeddy pulled out a phone sized gadget in order to take a  magnified image of my scalp. As we looked through the images he had scanned, it became clear that I had an oily scalp and even some damaged hair follicles! That showed me that I had a sensitive scalp that I needed to be careful with. Actually seeing the clear visual of my hair follicles really made it’s condition very clear!


A view of my oily scalp - photo by Sarah F.


Number76 salon is known for it’s famed Tansan sparkling scalp wash. Similar to a regular hair wash performed over the basin, there is one significant difference. The water applied to the scalp is a precise carbonated solution that is able to clear oily scalps and clean chemical residues off the delicate tissue.


Multiple times the Tansan sparkling scalp wash was delivered to my hair and each time Jeddy would collect the water with the remains of each wash. Each time my scalp was cleansed he pulled out a glass of grimy water that reflected the excess oil that was clogging up my hair follicles. The visible pool of oil and chemicals demonstrated just how much the scalp holds.


The chemical residue formed a thick layer after my thorough scalp wash - photo by Sarah F.


Jeddy pulled out the scalp magnifier once again and we examined the state of my scalp. Quite a difference. The hair follicles were freed from excess oil as well as excess dead skin. Yikes! I wish I had done this earlier!


What a clear difference in my scalp! - photo by Sarah F.


Then came the next step, the scalp cleanse treatment. It’s known as the Milbon Plarmia treatment. A cream was massaged into my scalp to begin the process of exfoliation dead skin cells. This step didn’t take very long although the massage was very enjoyable! Jeddy then rinsed off the mixture and took me to my seat.


Smooth hair after my duo scalp cleansing treatments - photo by Sarah F.


It was time now to add highlights to my hair. With the aid of his assistant, they whipped layers of aluminum highlights into my hair. All the while, we enjoyed an enjoyable conversation on the different beauty culture in Asia as opposed to America.


This keeps the scalp minty fresh! - photo by Sarah F.


I must add that with the highlights, Jeddy added a highly prized element to the mix. It’s a product called OLAPLEX that greatly reduces damage and breakage to the hair during the coloring process. OLAPLEX literally taken the hair world by storm in the past couple of years!


Jeddy and his assistant add highlights to my hair - photo by Sarah F.


It’s an extra cost during the process of highlighting but it makes all the difference. So for those of you who color your hair often or love experimenting with more extreme hues, I would emphatically state that adding OLAPLEX along with your color, is a must!


I’ve used OLAPLEX more than once, and the difference it makes is significant. And let’s be honest, great color is not complete without a mane of healthy hair to display it.


Let the curls begin! - photo by Sarah F.


And so it was time to remove my highlights. Jeddy and his assistant deftly removed my many foils, gave me another enjoyable shampoo with conditioning. Then came the blow dry and grand finale when my new coif finally began to take shape.


Jeddy works on my hair - photo by Sarah F.


After straightening my hair, Jeddy used tongs to create loose curls. These are special tongs from Japan that cause no damage to the hair during the styling process. They are available for sale at the salon as well.


HairBeuron is a curling tong from Japan that does not damage hair during styling - photo by Sarah F.


The effect was ravishing! I'll let the pictures below do the talking.


The perfect coif for the perfect day - photo by Sarah F.


If you’re looking for your own hair transformation, don’t hesitate to head down to the Number76 Hair Salon at Starhill Gallery and experience the full pampering that you deserve. It’s worth it.


THE RESULT - Beautiful large, healthy curls - photo by Sarah F.









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