Not all celebrity plastic surgeries are unsuccessful…

The photographers and journalists of the show are always watching and evaluating the aesthetic touches of the celebrities. The facelifts are the most criticized for their disastrous results, rhinoplasty is the most top cosmetic surgery (along with breast augmentation) augmentation mammoplasty.

Almost all the black celebrities touched their less aesthetic feature: The nose.

Halle Berry and Tyra Banks are two of which they have hit it full, but Michael Jackson underwent several secondary surgeries that ended with a nose deformed really like Latoya. His sister Janet has been more discreet and has greatly improved her image with celebrity plastic surgery results.

Another name that is always on everyone's lips in Nicolle Kidman since her abuse with botulinum toxin (botox) has stretched his forehead too much and his facial features have become too, his surgeon has put a lot of filling on her lips. In men, the facelift is the surgery of choice, because men's skin is thicker, they often look very bad. Even so, in the American continent, where youth and cosmetic surgery are imperative, most mature celebrities face facelift, neck stretching and blepharoplasty

An example is the famous Kenny Rogers is a vivid example of celebrity plastic surgery results, and is not of the worst. Before him, Warren Beatty, Mickey Rourke, Michael Douglas and many others went through the operating room getting a face too artificial, things that are far from what is really successful in cosmetic surgery.

Good results in cosmetic surgery are natural, and without excess, abuse of products, and aesthetic surgeries, produce undesired effects.

Rhinoplasty, breast surgery, liposuction to radically erase complexes

Each year, among the most demanded aesthetic procedures, body and face combined, we note:

Rhinoplasty: From the simple imperfection to the bump on the nose passing by the real malformation, it is now possible to erase everything for a perfect nose. In all cases, this type of intervention is recommended from the age of 16, when the growth is completed.

The facelift: With the years, the skin relaxes. To tighten the epidermis, the facelift techniques adapt to each area of ​​the face and better, combine. More precise, less invasive, the latter, carried out "by touch" offer an ever more natural result away from the frozen faces of yesteryear.

Liposuction: The most widely practiced aesthetic procedure in the world; it eliminates the localized suction overload. The objective? Restore a uniform fat thickness throughout the body, between the last rib and the bottom of the thighs. It is a particularly effective surgical procedure for those who would like to rid the horse's pants once and for all of a pronounced swelling of the belly or the hips.

Breast surgery: if the breast augmentation is the most frequent, it also includes the breast lift (in case of relaxation of the breasts) but also breast reduction in case of discomfort due to its large breasts. These painful procedures require a stop of the sport for a month and the wearing of a medical bra for 2 to 3 weeks during the healing period.


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