Nerium AD Review - Medical Breakthrough in Anti-Aging

A World famous Cancer Center accidentally stumbled onto a Medical Breakthrough in Anti-Aging.   If I could make you look years younger in 30 days... with a money back guarantee- would you try my product?  I thought so!  

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The Anti-Aging breakthrough is called Nerium AD and comes from the Nerium Oleander through a patent pending extraction process. 

Results will vary, but this lady used the product 90 days.

Nerium AD Before & After


Let's start with the word REAL – it is the foundation of the greatest story for your face that does not include a prescription, changed habits, surgery, needles or a big expense.

It is REAL and the untouched ‘Before and After’ pictures being sent in by average people are filling the virtual galleries of this runaway company.  It started at the highest level of a biotechnology research program and resulted in as the title of the story says... an accidental breakthrough now drawing thousands of people to learn about Nerium and try it for themselves.

Nerium AD Before & After

Nerium AD, is the answer for skin issues none of us escape.  Over time our aging; sagging skin, wrinkles, crapes, enlarged pores, dark circles, age and sunspots, thinning transparency and dull tone… happen. 

The night cream is safe and works on all skin types with a verifiable effectiveness averaging at 30% and higher as compared to pricey cosmetics producing only 5% improvement in the appearance of fine lines.

The body is naturally restoring while we sleep.  The Nerium night cream does not work on the surface like other 'cosmetics,' the biotech patent pending formula works at the cellular level.  There are live enzymes in there so it's bottled with a light and airtight pump.  The oxygen and blood flow is higher, so where you use the product it's promoting healthier skin developing from the inside out. 

You definitely have to take a 'before picture' so you can appreciate the results.

Nerium AD Before & After


Nerium AD Before & After

Nerium AD Before & After


2003, a major university did research on a variety of  Oleander called the Nerium. While searching for a skin cancer treatment, the trial patients reported a curious delight and said- 'Hey just look at my skin!"  Yes, the areas being treated with the biotech formula saw marked improvement in appearance.  More like- the outcome was staggering.



When the Science met the Global Market Strategy, the need for superior leadership was clear so that regular people would not be left out. Surrounded by attorneys and market specialists, they sorted through all the issues and designed their approach.

The Biotech Firm knew it found something incalculably special, worth billions.  Enough to fund research into the future if they structured a partnership.  Fast forward… because sorry, it just took several years to do this right.  Making it by the way, available to you and me at a very reasonable price, in fact as I said, risk free with a money back guarantee.   You can buy retail at $110 or as a preferred customer equal to a wholesale cost of $80.  Beyond that- If you refer 3 people as preferred customers, yours is FREE.  Free is good.



The science will circle the globe, but don't think the plant in your back yard will yield anything beyond a pretty bouquet.  The plant itself is listed as poisonous, but like many others, it may produce medical benefits.  My statement to you is this, there is only one way to get this product and that is through Independent Brand Partners.  From growth to production, scientists in lab coats oversee restricted access biotech fields of Oleanders.  They employ special irrigation; good bugs fight bad bugs, perfect soil recipes, angled planting and tested constantly for the exact timing of patent pending by-annual extraction processes.  From there- the levels of secrecy multiply. 


It’s been REAL,

Kathie Turner

Feel free to call with any questions 323 650 0084

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