NeonBrite™ Review – Taking the Pain and Cost out of Dental Appliances

Fear of the dentist can be two-fold. You might not enjoy having someone jab at your gums and teeth with pointy objects, but it also might be the fear of the cost associated with anything that they might recommend for your teeth. From a new retainer to a mouth guard while you sleep, you might need a doctor to recover from sticker shock. NeonBrite™ Custom Mouthpieces over the Net has made getting mouth wear not only affordable, but so easy you will never miss your dentist or orthodontist.

Invisible Retainers

No one wants to hear that they need braces and once you have them and suffer through the lonental g process it takes to make your teeth perfect and beautiful, you want to make sure they stay that way. The retainer is the key to this, the problem is the retainer is sensitive and expecting it to last forever is a pipedream. Losing your retainer or breaking it can be devastating as you not only have to go through high cost of getting a new set, but that also means you have to into an office and have a molding made and go through an office visit you would much rather avoid. NeonBrite™ has changed this entire process. They realize that something is bound to happen to your retainer at some point, so they have made the process to get a new one so easy you never have to leave your home and it won’t do nearly the damage to your pocketbook that an office visit will do.

Impression Kit

The entire process is very simple and involves watching a short video then using the kit that NeonBrite™ mails you. You start by letting NeonBrite™ know what you are looking for and shortly thereafter you receive an impression kit in the mail. The next step is you watch a video that walks you through the process to make sure you create the perfect impression. Then you mix the enclosed putty together, place it into the impression tray and then push the tray over the teeth and hold for four minutes and remove. Simply mail it back to NeonBrite™ in the package provided and a few short days later you will have your retainer. Clients have a 93% success rate when it comes to taking accurate impressions and you can trust you are going to get a quality product back as NeonBrite™ is a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

If your dentist has told you that you have bruxism and need an expensive mouthpiece to protect your teeth but the cost has deterred you from buying one, Dental Lab Direct™ has created the more affordable Custom Comfort NiteGard®. Bruxism is most common when you sleep and you grind your teeth but you might also have the bad habit of unconsciously gritting or grinding the teeth especially during stressful situations, any of these will lead to you wearing down your teeth. The Night Guard can not only help you stop grinding, but it can improve breathing as well as posture and it can reduce headaches, stress and tension and your partner will appreciate that it can reduce snoring.

If you need clear or wire retainers, night guards, clear aligners, partial dentures, veneers or sport mouthpieces, NeonBrite™ makes it easy and affordable for you.

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