NATURAFUL Review - Naturally Bigger Breasts

Shiny hair, smooth skin and curves in all the right places. Every woman desires to look her best


Shiny hair, smooth skin, a slim figure with curves in all the right places ...

I think it's safe to claim that fuller, larger breasts are highly sought after assets coveted by most women. The curves of the female figure have long been the hallmark of her femininity. And it’s an inherent trait of our nature to develop our attractiveness and want to look our best.

What has become an issue of concern however are the lengths that many woman have become comfortable in taking in order to acquire this feminine ideal. Breast augmentation surgery has been the number 1 cosmetic procedure for over a decade. While many women claim the harmless nature of this procedure, truth be told, having a silicone or saline implant in the body is a highly invasive process. A process that requires much from the human body in terms of adaptation as the implant is both a synthetic and foreign body.

The actual implant is not designed to be in the body for more than 8-10 years, which means that getting that breast augmentation surgery includes being prepared for surgically removal and transfer of the implant on a regular basis.

Says Laurie Casas, MD, associate professor of surgery at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, " About 1% to 2% of breast implants break or deflate each year, and the majority will likely need to be replaced eventually, says Casas. "Patients have to deal with that reality ... Nothing lasts forever.We impress on them (patients) that this is a long-term project ... a lifelong journey," Casas says. "There's no reason to rush it. We will only move forward if they can make that commitment."

The engineering data of the implants states that this leakage of the implant inside the human body will occur between 8- 12 years.

So at least one second breast implant surgery is expected in a lifetime. Truth be told, for the average lifespan, a follow-up surgery is to be planned every 8-10 years. Bear in mind the amount of scar tissue, trauma and inflammation that often results from multiple surgeries in the same area.

Now it's rare to find a woman with implants who is actually obedient to these health guidelines. Many argue against the need to adhere to them. But why is it necessary? Because saline implants being semi-permeable, allow the growth of mold. As for silicon implants, they are prone to the leakage of cancer-causing, neurotoxic agents. Issues do arise from both saline and silicone impants due to the materials used and the potential for bacteria and fungus to proliferate.


Dangers of breast implants


Dr. Kolb is the founder of Plastikos Surgery Center and Millennium Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia, which is one of the few holistic plastic and reconstructive surgery centers around.

She discusses the problems that occur when the valve used to fill the implant is damaged. This can occur during a mammogram or car accident and can lead to serious problems with bacterial and fungal growth.

Dr. Kolb explains "Once the valve is damaged, especially in certain implants, mold and bacteria can grow inside the implant. If the valve damage causes the implant just to deflate, then the woman will go ahead and get it changed out, and she won't become ill. But in some implants, the valve injury does not cause the fluid to leak out, but can allow bacteria and especially mold and fungus inside the implant.

I've had patients who have had inside the saline in this implant a mold called pennicillium growing. Whenever somebody hugged them too hard or even [due to] breast exams … the patient can become very ill, specifically because she was allergic to penicillin. She would have an anaphylactic-type reaction whenever her implant was manipulated. It can be very, very serious.

In general, women who have this bacterial and mold infection in their chest are deathly ill. The mold produces a biotoxin that's also a neurotoxin. Many of my women come in in wheelchairs. They come in with the diagnosis of MS and lupus together. Fortunately, they have neither.But some of them are incredibly ill. They have severe mental clouding. They can't even have a conversation. They can't hold their head up … Many doctors have said they're going to die, but of course, they find me and come in."

What most cosmetic surgeons rarely disclose in full, are the rampant health challenges that come up for women who have chosen surgical breast augmentation. Scar tissues is a major health issue, with capsular contracture forming around the foreign capsule. Not only is it highly uncomfortable, it is also painful and results in unhealthy tissue in the region. It is said that 5-10% of women develop capsular contracture around the implant.

Many women have also reported asymmetrical breasts that do not match up in some way, or tend to slant in an unnatural direction.

Then there is sensitivity loss that has been widely reported in the nipple region following surgery.

This article could spiral on at length with the lengthy host of issues that the breast augmentation candidate should be wary of. I do believe I’ve made it clear that this is not a procedure to be taken on lightly. And there is another route to that enhanced bosom that is not laced with health challenges.


Saw Palmetto is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols


I want to draw attention to a natural means of acquiring larger breasts. Nature is abundantly equipped to supply a variety of physical needs, this includes our cosmetic needs. There are vast resources available in our flora and fauna that the realm of science is still uncovering and exploring. When it comes to a larger bustline, many cultures have long turned to nature to successfully fulfill this desire. 

Asian women for example, have traditionally used herbs and massage for their a bountiful bust. Most Asian females tend to be leaner and smaller in build, they tend to have smaller breasts as well. Woman in Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia and the South East Asian region have long turned to unique forms of massage and herbs like jamu that stimulate the mammary glands. There are a wide variety of herbs that have been known to provide breast enlargement including fenugreek, Pueraria Mirifica ( which is native to Thailand), fennel seeds, Saw Palmetto and Mexican Wild Yam Root.

Despite the traditional use of herbs for breast enhancement, the conclusive word on their aesthetic impact on the body, have often been conflicted. Certain groups have firmly asserted that herbal tinctures cannot possibly offer the same results as surgery. However there are those who have committed to a herbal program that have gained results that are quite significant without enduring any of the harmful effects of surgery.


Expected stages of breast growth


I decided to explore this topic and test out it’s efficacy. NATURAFUL is one such company that offers a herbal, breast enlargement cream. It’s product is based on a mixture of natural botanical ingredients that include Sabal, Damiana, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion Root, Oat Bran, Wild Mexican Yam, Motherwort.


Here's a deeper look at the main ingredients –


Mexican Wild Yam Wild yam is probably the most widely used herbal tonic for women's health. Many women use wild yam for breast enhancement and as a sexual stimulant. The Mexican wild yam root, which is indigenous to Mexico, contains beta-carotene and diosgenin, both of which are responsible for promoting breast health and development. It has hormone-balancing effects, especially for women with high levels of estrogen. High levels of estrogen can cause menstrual and mood irregularities. Wild yam's progesterone can stabilize a high estrogen imbalance and help produce larger breasts by making fat cells bigger.


Don Quai is a source of iron,magnesium and niacin. The root of Dong QUai is used to relieve menstrual problems, symptoms or menopausal symptoms. It is used for PMS, vaginal dryness and hot flashes.


Blessed thistle and its botanical relative milk thistle both contain low levels of estrogen-affecting plant compounds. According to the National Institutes of Health, blessed thistle is traditionally used to increase breast size and breast milk production. Traditional herbalists may recommend it as a treatment for menstrual disorders and hormonal imbalances


According to the benefits provided by these herbs, using this cream would held alleviate meopause and pms while improving overall breast health.

According to NATURAFUL’s studies of their product, they state that  “Naturaful is used by thousands of women worldwide and has been on the market for 5 years. Using Naturaful will not only help you gain larger, fuller, and firmer breasts, but will also aid in reducing many of the symptoms that women experience due to hormone imbalances. Naturaful is a new 'science   shattering' formula that uses herbs known to help balance hormones, promote breast size and increase breast firmness. Naturaful is a viable and safe natural alternative to harmful drugs and surgery and used by many women worldwide.Many women have observed a 1/2 to 2+ cup size increase by using Naturaful. The best optimal results occur when Naturaful is used for 3 to 6+ months. Many also report a decrease in PMS, bloating, nervous tension and other hormone related problems. Naturaful contains NO masking analgesic products to hide symptoms. Women who use Naturaful regularly and who follow proper guidlines report excellent results with no reported adverse side effects.”

NATURAFUL testimonies can be viewed here -

Testimonies -


NATURAFUL Breast Enlargement Cream


With all this good news and possibilities, I was more than ready to get started!

And so I began a regime of applying the breast cream daily. Ideally the cream should be applied twice a day, but due to my busy regimen, I ended up applying it once daily. Not only that, I tend to travel often so there were gaps of time when I missed certain days of my regimen. However I did return to it with the knowledge that I was entering into a long-term commitment that would take several months. I was glad to observe an overall enhancement in my cleavage despite the fact that my regimen wasn’t immaculate.

Let’s start with a description of the prescribed regimen. This is the suggested use of the cream  -

Apply Naturaful liberally to breasts twice daily and massage until fully absorbed into skin. Use Naturaful for approximately 3 to 9 months or longer, depending on the effect you desire. Maintain your look by using Naturaful twice weekly or as needed.

As I mentioned, I used the cream once daily for most part. When I applied the cram I massaged it thoroughly. I spent about 5 minutes applying the cream thoroughly. I also used a hairdryer after each application to help dry the cream. The heat from the hairdryer also stimulates the mammary glands to receive the cream and is going to give you much better results as well.

It’s a fairly simple routine, as long as you remember to massage in the cream thoroughly and follow it with the application of heat, you are going to see some form of enhance.

6 week update

I noticed a sense of stimulation in my chest. Within the first two weeks I was aware that my chest was already getting fuller and there was an itch that was reminiscent of pubescent growth pangs. Within the span of 1 ½ months I saw a fullness in my breasts that I was very pleased with.

10 week update

In 2 ½ months the fullness continued to develop. I still had not seen an increase in cup size, but I had most definitely seen a change in my breasts. They were firmer, fuller, rounder and more attractive. The enhancement that I saw has spurred me on to continue this regimen until greater results are achieved.

12 week update

3 months into this regimen, I would have to join in the claim that herbal tinctures really do provide an increase in breast fullness. I am still expecting and hoping for a cup increase, but I an aware that more time is required.


Feminine beauty has often been attributed to a curvaceous figure


I must reiterate, commitment is needed along with patience. You’re not going to see results overnight but you will see a change in a few weeks. If you are willing to apply the creams daily and pursue it over the span of at least a few months, I am fairly confident you are going to see results that will please you. I certainly am happy with the fullness I have achieved. I plan on being more meticulous with my regimen as I continue to document my results in the following months.

I did contact NATURAFUL as I was concerned that the gains that I had achieved may be temporary and that breast size may diminish with time. Here is the communication I received from them that alleviated my concerns and encouraged me further.

 “Naturaful actually uses plant-based phytoestrogens that cause new cell development. The cell growth in the mammary glands is real permanent breast tissue. Since this is your actual breast and not a synthetic product it will react as your natural body would to changes.

Most users notice permanent changes after stopping Naturaful however it will vary for each individual. Many women do choose to continue using Naturaful to slow down the natural aging in their breasts and also combat PMS and menopause symptoms. There are many reasons to continue to use Naturaful after achieving results.

You can follow a maintenance program with NATURAFUL. Once you have achieved full results and gains, simply apply Naturaful once or twice a week (twice in the one day) or every few days. This process is based on the individual person and you can contact us for more information on this. This is less time then you spend moisturizing and requires a very minimal commitment. Essentially this will be one jar every two to three months.”

In conclusion, I would encourage any woman out there who has been contemplating breast augmentation surgery, to rethink her plans. There is a natural way to fuller breasts and enhanced health. It does take commitment , time and effort. But when compared with the invasive effects of breast surgery, it is most definitely a worthwhile investment of time. NATURAFUL suggests that an enlargement of three inches in a nine month period were documented. It looks like I have 6 more months to go with this program. Judging from the results I have already achieved, I look forward to the ample bounty that nature will provide in a gradual, healthy way.


In the words of T. A. Edison, "Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life." 







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