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I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Cesena of Me by Michelle Med Spa based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not only was she a delight to speak with, she also performed a med-spa treatment on me with great care and concern for my specific needs.

Michelle is no stranger to the world of beauty, glamour and aesthetics. She has been a licensed clinical aesthetician and a clinical Skin Care Specialist for well over a decade. She was pleased to share her knowledge as I spoke with her.



1) How did you enter the realm of beauty & aesthetics ?


I’ve always been interested in beauty and make-up artistry, secretly I wanted to be an artist growing up.  It was a confluence of those two things, and the business opportunities that inspired me to pursue the professional training necessary to make it a career.




2) What are your beauty strengths and skillsets ?


Foremost, it’s my curiosity and being just enough of a perfectionist that fueled my professional development.  Again, there’s a lot of artistry in our business, something that you’re not going to get at a “retail spa” that’s focused on speed of treatment.  That’s what I focused on in my early days and continue today.  I’ve learned that 20 units in the frown lines can be very different from client to client.  You only know that by getting to really know the person and what they hope to achieve.

My clients and I are very proud of the results in injectables, permanent make-up, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion.  Because really, it’s the client’s perspective on the results that really count when it’s your name on the front door.

And that’s one of the things I continuously stress when I’m training and mentoring women of all ages and experience levels – focus on what the client’s going to see and feel 2 weeks later when they are around their family and friends.  That helps them feel more beautiful and confident and reminds them of why they came to you in the first place.




3) What services or unique beauty services do you provide ?


I believe it’s not a single set of treatments that’s what makes Me By Michelle unique.  Rather, it’s the portfolio of treatments and the follow through that give my clients the results we both want.  For instance, it might be finding the right mix and sequence of medical-grade microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels and filler that are the best plan for a particular client.  I never treat a client based solely on what they’ve had done in the past with someone else.

Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one thing that continuously gets commented on by clients, especially those who have come from competitors: the use of chilled ice globes post-treatment.  They reduce swelling, stimulate blood flow,help close the pores and relax the client in a way that really makes the them takes notice.  It’s that attention to the details that has been a key to the success of Me By Michelle.




4) What are some of your favorite experiences/testimonies with your clients?


There are so many, but several have made such an impression that I think they’re worth sharing, not just because their my stories, but because they’re quite moving.

One in particular resonated with me.  A client was going through a divorce, relocated cross-country and wanted to start a new career, all of which had taken a toll on her physically and emotionally.  After a long and emotional talk during her initial consultation, we did two treatments of filler that not only dramatically changed her physical appearance, but she came back to share with me how she felt it gave her a new, happier outlook on life, sadly one that she didn’t feel she would ever achieve again or deserved.  To me, it wasn’t just about the filler, but how, together, we achieved a result that we were both very proud of.

Another that I share with clients and to my woman business owners networking group is of a woman who really wanted to improve her profile (cheekbones, eyebrows, etc.) but was very concerned about how her friends and husband would view the changes.  She stressed how important a “natural” look was for  her. We agreed that a relatively minor treatment would be a great start and see the reaction from her family and friends.  She scheduled another treatment after her return from a long family vacation and to my (pleasant) surprise, she showed up with her husband.  The minor change was so well received both by her family/friends that they wanted to be involved in additional treatments to show their support for her. 

One final example was of a male business owner with severe hyperhidrosis that would become a real problem part way through his speaking engagements.  So much so that he would become self-conscience and lose his focus when speaking.  He had never had any treatment before and was really nervous.  After 2 “initial” consultations, we agreed to try it and see what happens.  He texted me after his next presentation and said it was one of his best professional decisions he’d ever made.  He comes back for regular Xeomin injections and each time reminds me of how smart his decision was.   

Those examples resonate with me and my own family and we share them to remind us all that we can achieve success in business while doing things that really matter to customers.  It’s a goal I set for myself when I started Me By Michelle and one that I like to remind myself on a regular basis.



5) What is your key to gaining a long term relationship with clients ?

Listening to my clients is key, focusing on specific resultsand setting realistic expectations. Believe it or not, I all too often hear that this is different than their past experiences.  Of course you have to get the client to truly hear what you’re saying, but rushing that process rarely leads to a positive outcome.  If you’re building a relationship, you don’t rush the first or second “date”.


6) When did you launch Me by Michelle Med Spa ?


It was launched in April 2014, after 14 years of experuence with a leading plastic surgeon. 



7) What was your experience setting up your own business?


I had some experience in entrepreneurship earlier in my life, including starting a skincare center within an established plastic surgeon’s office, but this was very different.  In my previous job, my curiosity drove me to take on a lot of the so-called “back-office” functions, but, as anyone whose started  a business from scratch, knows there are ALWAYS a lot more things to think about than you can imagine.

I was fortunate enough to find the right business partners and advisors, some of which were long time clients, who provided guidance, insight and an offer to help when needed.


8) Do you enjoy the Scottsdale region?

I’m a Phoenix native and I really  enjoy all that the Phoenix area has to offer.  I chose to open my practice in Scottsdale both because of the convenience to many of my existing clients and because I connected with a great medical director, Dr. David Carfagno of the Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute.  It’s a professional relationship that I couldn’t be happier with.


9) How do you manage to juggle family, career, your own business in particular and stay on top of it all, with the many hats that you wear?

It's an ongoing balancing act as a single mother, business owner and avid fitness buff.  The quick answer is being very organized, staying focused on each task and having a great support structure in my family.



Michelle is currently based at Me by Michelle Med Spa LLC  located in 10133 N. 92nd St. Suite 102, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258





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